How to wear a midi skirt

This season's trendy midi skirt is perfect for our rainy summer. This is exactly the version of clothing in which it is neither cold nor hot. After all, you must admit, walking in an extreme miniskirt in such weather is somehow not at all in the mood, and the midi length looks moderately restrained and moderately sexy.

The history of the origin of the skirt to the middle of the calf goes back to the distant 40s. In retro times, this length was a symbol of exceptional femininity and elegance. Fashion designers came up with various designs: from puffy models with petticoats to tight-fitting ones with slits. In addition, the midi skirt was part of the uniform of many women's professions.

Now this item of clothing is again at the peak of popularity, but only in comparison with the 40s - today the choice is much more diverse! With a midi skirt, you can create casual, business and evening looks. Heavy materials (tweed, leather) are best combined with a light top - a T-shirt or blouse. Thus, the outfit will look organic.

Midi skirts in metallic colors can be combined with both heavy and light tops. The main thing is that the blouse,top or the sweater be neutral shades, because the image does not there should be many bright accents.

The button-down skirt is another summer trend that has won the hearts of many fashionistas. Wear it with a plain white top. And if you do not like a laconic outfit, then pick up a blouse or T-shirt with an original design - asymmetry, for example.

The business midi-length pencil skirt is an undoubted classic. It will fit perfectly into any business dress code. The usual strict look can be easily diluted with a denim shirt or top. The last option is more suitable for evening outings.

Pay attention to how Kim Kardashian wears midi skirts. The socialite is known not only for her defiant behavior, but also for her style of clothing. However, she skillfully emphasizes her curvaceous figure with tight skirts. The star prefers to complement the image with various tops and turtlenecks. In a word - we look and draw ideas for ourselves!

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