Men's outerwear

Jacket Sleeveless - #8048780
  • -13%
1 398 UAH 1 599 UAH
Oversized winter jacket Quadro - #8031189
  • -15%
2 900 UAH 3 399 UAH
Island Park Winter Jacket - #8048904
  • -60%
1 998 UAH 4 999 UAH
bomber - #8042820
    1 298 UAH


    • S/M
    • L/XL
    • 2XL/3XL
    Vest Dark Gray - #8048919
    • -60%
    798 UAH 1 999 UAH
    Winter Jacket Without Mountain - #8048871
    • -51%
    1 698 UAH 3 500 UAH
    Windbreaker Athletic - #8025548
      1 925 UAH
      Winter armor men's parka - #8042074
        3 600 UAH
        Rainbow jacket - #8031141
          1 650 UAH
          Minimal 2.0 Winter Parka - #8025342
            3 200 UAH
            Coat Without - #8048782
            • -51%
            1 698 UAH 3 499 UAH

            Coat Without

            • S/M
            • L/XL
            • 2XL/3XL
            Minimal 2.0 Winter Parka - #8025290
              3 200 UAH
              Winter jacket Reload - Simple, Khaki - #8031222
              • -10%
              Winter jacket Reload - Simple, Black - #8031220
              • -10%
              Vest Without Light Gray - #8048917
              • -60%
              798 UAH 1 999 UAH
              Gruf coat - #8050008
                3 798 UAH
                Cardigan Mantle - #8048715
                • -40%
                1 198 UAH 1 999 UAH

                Reviews for products

                Men's outerwear from the Garne online store: high quality, wide selection, low prices

                We are glad to welcome everyone who came to our store of men's outerwear from Garne. Our online catalog contains a whole collection of jackets, down jackets, parkas, bombers, windbreakers, short coats, coats for men. Current colors, wide selection of sizes, perfect fit - our customers have plenty to choose from!

                Varieties of outerwear from the Garne online store

                The main classification is related to seasonality. Summer outerwear for boys, big and small, includes bombers, leather jackets, windbreakers, and anoraks. To some extent, these same things can apply to autumn-winter ones if they are insulated. Demi-season models also include anthers, raincoats, capes, mantles, and coats. The winter collection includes fur coats, sheepskin coats, down jackets, warm jackets, parkas, hooded coats, coats, and duffle coats. Men's outerwear is also divided into cheap, mid-price, and premium. A cheap down jacket for a man is, as a rule, a mass-market product, with synthetic insulation and faux fur. Outerwear is also divided according to the type of cut:

                • tapered cut - fitted or short models, cut above hip level. These include bombers, leather jackets, etc.;
                • wide cut - insulated coats, parkas, men's down jackets. They are comfortable, suitable for overweight and thin men;
                • double-sided - universal options for those who like to experiment. A reversible jacket will allow a guy to change his looks every day;
                • raincoats and windbreakers made of water-repellent material. Such models do not allow water to pass through, which means you will not get wet, and the chances of getting sick will decrease several times;
                • with a hood - this is just the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t like to wear a hat.

                They can be with fur, attached to the base with buttons, zippers, or rivets. You can buy men's outerwear in different lengths: a short jacket, an elongated parka, a down jacket to the knee and below, a very long coat, as well as an extremely short version. As for the color palette, men's jackets are divided into classic and bright colors: black, blue, gray, burgundy, green.

                Tips for choosing men's outerwear

                Outerwear for men is not only a way to keep warm, but also the finishing touch to any look. Therefore, the choice of parka or coat should be approached responsibly, evaluating not only their appearance, but also tailoring, fabric, and accessories. You don't buy outerwear for one month, do you? The right accents are the key to a successful choice. First, decide what season you need the clothing for:

                • if a windbreaker is for summer or spring, then you can take light, loose products made from simple materials;
                • for autumn, the jacket should be made of waterproof materials to always remain dry;
                • a down jacket for the winter for a man, a coat, a duffle coat should be made of dense material, with fur, and high-quality insulation. With such outerwear, the body will not freeze in winter, and in summer it will not get too hot. This is the only way the chosen jacket will keep you warm in winter or cold autumn and give you comfort in summer.

                Also pay attention to:

                • knitted robes with or without fur. They are perfect for a casual street style look;
                • outerwear in brown, coffee, sand, beige colors - trendy down jackets, parkas for both casual and business looks;
                • bright youth-style parks;
                • long models, oversized men's jackets.

                Don’t forget about the financial side of the issue - choose a parka according to your capabilities or look for a branded down jacket for a guy at a discount or on sale.

                Prices for men's jackets on the Internet

                Men's outerwear is usually not cheap, especially when it comes to branded items. But if you don’t chase a big name, you can buy a cheap men’s jacket of decent quality. But most men, wanting to buy a branded coat inexpensively, prefer to take it at a discount during seasonal sales, when prices drop by 90%! Therefore, this is a great opportunity to order a high-quality jacket, down jacket, or coat from a global brand at a super low price. And it’s better to do this on the Internet site. There are several reasons for this:

                • no queues;
                • you can choose products without leaving your home;
                • different payment methods available;
                • a large assortment of products that can be filtered according to your own taste;
                • order delivery can be made to your home, or, if desired, to the nearest post office.

                And the main advantage of online shopping is the ability to buy men's jackets, regardless of the time of day.

                How to order a down jacket for a man inexpensively?

                Buying outerwear for men on the Garne online store website is easy and simple - just go to the catalog and place an order. When choosing, you can filter products by brand, type, size, color, material, obtaining the optimal list of items. Then all that remains is to familiarize yourself with the detailed photos, detailed descriptions, and parameters that accompany each jacket, windbreaker, and down jacket.

                Order outerwear the Garne online store offers delivery - all our products are in stock in Ukraine and they will come to you anywhere in the country.

                Product prices from the category men's outerwear

                Men's outerwear Price
                Long winter parka with black hood AllReal 8042009 4 000 UAH
                Black Zipped Bomber Track Jacket Without 8042820 1 298 UAH
                Oversized black autumn coat with turndown collar Without 8048782 1 698 UAH
                Short oversized puffy jacket for the winter with a hood VDLK 8031189 2 900 UAH
                Men's khaki suede bomber jacket for autumn VDLK 8031151 950 UAH

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