Men's socks

Striped colored socks Blaki - #2040032
  • -11%
97 UAH 109 UAH
Short sports socks Polar - #2040000
  • -9%
94 UAH 103 UAH

Short sports socks Polar

  • 35/38
  • 36/39
  • 38/41
  • 41/44
  • 42/45
Perfi colored socks with rhombuses - #2040036
  • -18%
97 UAH 119 UAH

Perfi colored socks with rhombuses

  • 35/38
  • 36/39
  • 38/41
  • 41/44
  • 42/45
Multi colored patterned socks - #2040085
  • -29%
91 UAH 129 UAH

Multi colored patterned socks

  • 35/38
  • 36/39
  • 38/41
  • 41/44
  • 42/45
Original socks with the inscription Sexy - #2040011
  • -21%
94 UAH 119 UAH
Cool socks with a pattern Picasso Zolo - #2040026
  • -13%
104 UAH 119 UAH
Short cotton socks in green - #2040117
  • -5%
94 UAH 99 UAH

Short cotton socks in green

  • 35/38
  • 36/39
  • 38/41
  • 40/44
  • 41/44
Socks Just Chill - #8041026
    100 UAH
    Socks as a gift for a couple - #2040063
    • -10%
    186 UAH 207 UAH
    Gift set of socks - #2040058
    • -15%
    229 UAH 269 UAH

    Gift set of socks

    • 35/38
    • 36/39
    • 38/41
    A set of original Zilagrey socks - #2040078
    • -7%
    181 UAH 194 UAH
    Set with 3 pairs of socks - #8023012
      290 UAH
      Socks Fresh socks - #8041014
        100 UAH
        Set with 3 pairs of socks - #8023013
          290 UAH
          Grayvin terry socks - #2040079
          • -20%
          111 UAH 139 UAH

          Grayvin terry socks

          • 35/38
          • 36/39
          • 38/41
          • 41/44
          • 42/45
          Men's footprints - #4024020
            79 UAH
            socks footprints - #8042826
            • -4%
            48 UAH 50 UAH
            Lime color footprints - #2040015
              61 UAH

              Reviews for products

              Men's socks inexpensively with delivery to Kyiv: offer from the Garne online store

              What thing accompanies us almost from birth? That's right - socks! We attach so little importance to them, considering them such an insignificant detail of the wardrobe. And from them, it turns out, you can easily determine who is in front of you: a slob, a conservative or a hipster. And, despite their small size, they play a big role in creating an image. After all, if the socks are chosen incorrectly, you can earn a reputation as an unkempt person who does not know how to dress. Therefore, you should not underestimate their importance, but it is better to buy men’s socks and more than one pair by visiting the Garne online store.

              Types of men's socks: assortment of online store

              A man always needs socks, except for the beach, pool, or heat. Therefore, he should have in stock socks of various types, colors for different life situations.

              All men's socks can be divided into 4 categories according to their length:

              • ultra-short: tracks, or invisible ones, are shortened models without elastic that can be worn under any shoes;
              • short sports - the most practical, comfortable, popular model among men;
              • long (up to mid-calf) - a universal option that fits with classic trousers or jeans;
              • high (up to or above the knee): most often these are warm winter products made from dense materials.

              When sewing such accessories the following are used:

              • cotton is a hygroscopic and heat-insulating material that provides comfortable wear in summer and spring;
              • wool: winter wool socks quickly warm up, retaining heat for a long time. Such products are New Year's, decorated with deer, Scandinavian motifs;
              • flax is a natural material with hygroscopic, anti-allergenic, antiseptic properties. It is best suited for the warm season;
              • bamboo fiber, products made from it absorb moisture well, ensuring dryness and comfort while wearing. This material is more suitable for sports socks, because it removes odor well;
              • terry is a soft, warm material that is ideal for winter;
              • silk is a light transparent material for special and official events.

              The seasonality of socks depends on the material, or more precisely its density. The thinnest are the summer ones. They are often short, made from natural materials, containing a low percentage of synthetics, or even without it at all. Men's winter socks are thick products that contain a high percentage of cotton. Some warm models have all elements of the same thickness and density, others - only a trace is insulated. Models for autumn or spring are more versatile, medium-weight products.

              As for colors, along with the classic black, white and gray without a pattern, there are colored men's socks, plain and multi-colored:

              • plain in different shades;
              • color combined, in which there is a colored trace, a contrasting heel, toe, cuff;
              • striped, checkered;
              • with ethnic ornament;
              • polka dots, specks;
              • in a small repeating pattern;
              • cool socks for guys in youth style.

              All of them are equally suitable as a birthday or New Year gift - a necessary, practical present. You can buy men's socks for a gift in our catalog.

              How to choose socks for a man on the Internet?

              If you don’t know what socks will go with your office trousers, always choose underwear, including socks in the same color scheme as your clothes - you can’t go wrong. For a man or a guy, light gray, sand or beige socks will suit light trousers, but you should avoid white ones - they are intended only for working out in the gym. You can also buy men's socks and match them to the color of your shoes, but a couple of shades lighter. Warm tones do not combine with cold ones, and for the office you should choose plain models of restrained colors. But if you don’t mind experimenting, then consider these points:

              • blue or light blue items will go well with black classic shoes;
              • burgundy or cherry models go well with dark brown shoes;
              • for light brown boots, feel free to take any bright socks or with prints or patterns.

              Remember that socks for men with a pattern or pattern should be in harmony with the print on the shirt, tie or other accessory.

              Men's socks from the Garne online store for your bright self-expression

              A busy day at the office, a relaxing night at the club, a weekend or an interesting trip - men's socks from the Garne online store will provide you with maximum comfort in any situation. On our website you can quickly order and buy men's socks cheap online at the best price with delivery to cities such as Kyiv, Kharkov, Lviv - we provide fast delivery of goods throughout Ukraine.

              Follow the updates on the website, subscribe to our newsletter - you will have the opportunity to buy cool socks for a guy with the most current models at a reasonable price. We have not only plain socks, but also gift sets, paired socks with inscriptions, designs, and bright men's socks. And each collection contains a wide size grid, a rich color palette, and the best brands.

              Choose inexpensive men's socks and enjoy shopping! There are collections for 2020 and 2022!

              Product prices from the category men's socks

              Men's socks Price
              Long men's socks New Year's red with white deer M-SOCKS 2040147 112 UAH
              Cotton white socks under sneakers M-SOCKS 2040000 94 UAH
              Grayvin terry socks M-SOCKS 2040079 111 UAH
              White Christmas socks with deer M-SOCKS 2040219 112 UAH
              Multi colored patterned socks M-SOCKS 2040085 91 UAH