About us

We are the GARNE team and want to tell about us.
Our history, full of accomplishments and victories, began in 2015. Then, for the first time, women's clothing appeared on the Ukrainian market under the GARNE brand, which means "Beautiful". It was the first step towards the dream of creating a high-quality stylish Ukrainian product at affordable prices. Today GARNE – it is a massive garment factory with a complete production cycle. It is also a real universe where beauty is born.

We carefully monitored the trends and trends of the fashion world, studied the needs of the market, took into account the experience of competitors, which allowed us to develop our own product that can satisfy the needs of a woman. Therefore, every Ukrainian woman will find an image for everyday life, official meetings and romantic dates with us. After all, GARNE is a unique brand of basic women's clothing for all occasions, and in its DNA – emphasis on quality, relevance, comfort.

Our production is based on the principles of LEAN, allowing the production of 10,000 units per month. Yes, we know that the creation of women's clothing – this is a complex process involving modern programs, equipment, materials, so we bear full responsibility to customers for each item. We managed to establish strict control over tailoring at all stages of production, which became possible thanks to a team of professionals. You can list all the participants in the process of creating a new model of a dress, skirt or blouse for a long time, but the most important – each of them is crucial.

Our main advantage — high quality service: full support from the moment of ordering on the site to receipt at the post office, free consultations and assistance in choosing the size. That is why almost every one of our clients becomes regular. In addition, we:
- we use the best materials available to us
- we have offers in a wide range of sizes
- we offer more than 1000 Plus Size clothing items
- due to the presence of our own warehouse, we ship the order every day
- we carry out the exchange and return of funds in accordance with the law
Caring for the interests of the client – our team's top priority. After all, every client is important!

Our motto is Put on a good mood 

And instead of looking around and thinking about what is fashionable or what to catch the hype on, we are hard at work, making ideas, testing new materials, launching new lines, focusing on the result. This is a fundamental, easy and long process. But thanks to this, our customers get the best product.

The GARNE brand is open for cooperation and collaborations with small businesses and large brands. For this we:
- sharing our own experience
- we offer high-quality content to fill the site or page: professional photo database, video content, a full description of the product with the composition of the material, measurements of finished products
- we accept orders for tailoring not only clothes
- new – we have our own department for printing clothes, accessories
GARNE Values

  • Honesty. We do not promise what we cannot deliver!
  • We provide a fast, high-quality service focused on the needs of the client!
  • We are constantly evolving and helping others to develop.
  • We value and respect the personality of each employee.

Hi, this is Oksana. The founder of the GARNE brand and you can say the mother of the brand. She always has a bunch of plans and ideas and loves everything she does.

2022 was not an easy and productive year at the same time, and the results are as follows:
1. First and foremost: we did not stop working for a day.
2. We have not fired a single person.
3. We have not stopped paying wages, and, as always, we do it on time.
4. We pay taxes and help our state on the economic front.
5. We will donate to the army and will continue to do so.
7. We have launched training courses for seamstresses with subsequent employment of specialists.
8. We installed solar panels on the roof of the factory, purchased a generator and are moving towards energy autonomy and energy saving.
9. We took part in the Kyiv Fashion exhibition in Ukraine for the first time and showed our capabilities.
10. We introduced ourselves abroad for the first time by participating in an international exhibition.
11. We showed ourselves for the first time at the Fashion Time Rivne fashion show, where models in Garne clothes presented a new collection on the catwalk.
12. For the first time, we have developed a strategic plan for the company for the next year. And each of our goals - – very, very ambitious, difficult and in need of decisive steps.
We strive to prove to the world that Ukrainian women's clothing is of high quality, stylish and as comfortable as possible.

We invite you to view the finished products of the GARNE brand.
Clothes: click here
Underwear: click here

And the most important thing about GARNE: we – a large friendly team, we – family.

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