Woman pants

Panties Violetta - #2021584
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259 UAH 329 UAH
Women's set - #4025850
    449 UAH
    Women's thongs - #4025678
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      Women's thongs - #4025381
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        Briefs Martina - #2021560
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        259 UAH 449 UAH
        Gabriella lace slips - #2021551
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        259 UAH 450 UAH
        Panties for women - #4026178
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          Women's panties - #4025658
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            Women's panties - #4025667
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              Women's panties - #2021913
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                Thong panties - #4027184
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                Thong panties

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                Women's thong panties - #4027154
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                  Women's panties - #4027083
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                    Women's panties - #4027060
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                      Panties for women - #4026177
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                        Women's panties - #4027127
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                          Women's panties - #4027128
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                            Women's panties - #4027126
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                              Women's panties - #4027115
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                                Women's panties - #4027125
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                                  Women's panties - #2021951
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                                    Women's panties - #2021918
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                                      Thong panties - #4027178
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                                      Thong panties

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                                      Slipped panties - #4027176
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                                        Women's panties - #4027105
                                          259 UAH
                                          Women's thong panties - #4027152
                                            189 UAH
                                            Women's panties - #2012359
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                                              Women's panties - #4021725
                                                329 UAH

                                                Reviews for products

                                                Women's underpants are more than just a wardrobe item. They are the basis on which the image of every woman is built, complement her outfit and serve as a guarantee of comfort throughout the day. Whether it's stylish panties for girls or practical panties for women, the right panties can emphasize your uniqueness and add self-confidence.

                                                When choosing panties, you should pay attention to the quality of the material, style and, of course, size. All these factors play a key role in providing comfort and satisfaction from the purchase. That is why it is worth choosing and buying women's underpants in a place where all these aspects are taken into account. The Garne online store is just such a place. Here, every woman can find and buy panties that are perfect for her.

                                                A wide range of models: Briefs for every woman

                                                At Garne, we know how different women's preferences can be. That is why in our assortment panties for girls of various models and styles are presented. Here you will find:

                                                • Classic briefs for women - ideal for those who appreciate comfort and simplicity. They can be easily combined with any clothing, and high-quality materials guarantee durability and comfort when wearing.
                                                • Beautiful women's panties - a real embodiment of femininity and elegance. They are not only comfortable and practical, but also able to add zest to your image.
                                                • Fashion briefs are a great choice for those who follow the latest trends and want to look stylish and fashionable in any situation.
                                                • Ordinary women's briefs - a time-tested solution for those who prefer the classics and do not pursue fashion novelties.

                                                Varieties of women's underpants: Choose based on your preferences

                                                The choice of underpants is always individual, so it is important that you have plenty to choose from. In our store there are different types of women's underpants, so that every woman can find a model that suits her. Whatever you are looking for, we have the right option for you:

                                                • Briefs for women with a high waist - they fit perfectly on the figure and provide maximum comfort throughout the day.
                                                • Low rise briefs are a great choice for those who prefer a more relaxed and loose fit.
                                                • High-quality women's briefs made of premium materials - for those who are not ready to sacrifice comfort and quality.

                                                Buying briefs at Garne: The perfect combination of comfort, style and quality

                                                Choosing and buying panties in the Garne online store is a choice in favor of comfort, style and quality. We know how important it is for a woman to feel confident and comfortable at any time of the day, so we do our best to ensure that our range meets the highest requirements and expectations of our customers.

                                                Quality and style - that's what is important for every woman when choosing panties. But it is equally important that the purchase does not hit the pocket. The Garne store has briefs for every budget that will satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers. Even if you are looking for cheap briefs, you can be sure that you will find options with us that combine affordable price, high quality and stylish design.

                                                The choice of women's underpants is an important decision that can affect your comfort throughout the day. It's important to choose underpants that not only suit your style, but also fit your figure perfectly, while still providing comfort and convenience. The Garne store offers a wide range of women's briefs in various models, styles and sizes, so every woman can find the perfect one for herself. Whether you're looking for beautiful panties, trendy panties or regular panties for women, we have the right option for you.

                                                Product prices from the category woman pants

                                                Woman pants Price
                                                High-cut cotton panties with lace inserts and wide sides ORO 2021544 259 UAH
                                                High rise white cotton slips with lace insert ORO 4019755 259 UAH
                                                High rise panties with lace inserts on the sides ORO 2021541 259 UAH
                                                Mid-Rise Black Cotton Panties ORO 4019745 169 UAH
                                                Cotton panties with low barrels ORO 2021527 169 UAH

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