Women's shoes

Women's leather sneakers - #4205765
    2369 UAH
    Women's leather shoes - #3200044
    • -25%
    1589 UAH 2129 UAH
    Women's leather shoes - #3200041
    • -28%
    1589 UAH 2219 UAH
    Women's oxfords - #3200010
    • -29%
    1589 UAH 2229 UAH
    Women's loafers - #3200004
    • -20%
    1789 UAH 2229 UAH
    Women's sneakers - #3200016
    • -32%
    1589 UAH 2349 UAH
    Women's loafers - #3200001
    • -41%
    1188 UAH 1999 UAH
    Women's sneakers - #3200012
      2109 UAH
      Women's oxfords - #3200011
        2229 UAH
        Women's sneakers - #3200006
          2109 UAH
          Women's loafers - #3200015
            2229 UAH

            Women's loafers

            • 37
            • 38
            • 39
            • 40
            • 41
            Women's loafers - #3200027
              2109 UAH
              Women's leather sneakers - #3200048
                2299 UAH
                Women's leather sneakers - #3200046
                  2349 UAH
                  Women's sneakers - #3200023
                    2189 UAH
                    Women's loafers - #3200019
                      2029 UAH

                      Women's loafers

                      • 36
                      • 37
                      • 38
                      • 39
                      • 40
                      Women's loafers - #3200009
                      • -9%
                      1926 UAH 2109 UAH

                      Women's loafers

                      • 36
                      • 38
                      • 39
                      • 40
                      • 41
                      Women's oxfords - #3200022
                        2139 UAH
                        Women's loafers - #3200014
                          2229 UAH
                          Women's loafers - #3200008
                          • -9%
                          1926 UAH 2109 UAH

                          Women's loafers

                          • 36
                          • 37
                          • 38
                          • 39
                          • 40
                          • 41
                          Women's loafers - #3200013
                            2229 UAH
                            Women's high-top demi-season sneakers - #4205976
                            • -40%
                            2489 UAH 4149 UAH
                            Women's winter boots made of genuine leather - #4205981
                            • -40%
                            Women's demi suede boots - #4205982
                            • -40%
                            2659 UAH 4429 UAH
                            Black sneakers made of genuine leather - #4205225
                            • -6%
                            2089 UAH 2229 UAH
                            Beige leather boots - #4205980
                            • -40%
                            2659 UAH 4429 UAH
                            Women's spring-autumn leather sneakers - #8019775
                            • -16%
                            High winter boots made of genuine leather - #4205945
                            • -40%

                            Reviews for products

                            Zhіnoche vzuttya Garne - vzuttya, like giving free rein!

                            Stylish couple - obov'yazkove dopovnennya to any image. That's why the online store Garne presents a great selection of handy, beautiful options along with your low prices at the most democratic prices. Here you can buy a woman with a small thin heel or a stylish stiletto heel or a flat heel, lace-ups, sneakers, loafers, sneakers, chovniki, and a lot of other things. Everything will help you to ideally complete the image, and prices - to save time for shopping. We proponuyemo:

                            • Options for all seasons: winter, demi-season, summer;
                            • Models for women, men, girls;
                            • Taking a look at the smallest to the models of the great roses - choose a couple according to the nose to help our table of roses;
                            • shoes, keds, slippers for everyday wear, business zustrіch, natural gorges;
                            • cheaper than a woman, premium class models;
                            • shirobi shkiri, shkirozaminnik, nubuck, textiles;
                            • fashionable orthopedic vzutya.

                            Our products are exclusively from the Ukrainian virobnik - we do not compromise with the products of foreign brands, for which we vouch with our heads!

                            Stretch your feet in Garne: fashion trends at affordable prices

                            The online clothing store Garne has something to please you. Even the trends of the world of fashion do not change the orientation: traditionally, the trend is security, versatility, comfort. Given the criteria, it is more stylish and classic vzuttya: shoes with low tops, sneakers, Chelsea, loafers. The stench, however, has gone far away with a business casual wardrobe, and trendy sneakers have finally gone outside the gym. It is also worth crocs, tight laces. Wanting our catalog to include the following models:

                            • shoes in the style of Mary Jane - a classic option with a small selection, round off the toe with ribs;
                            • Oxfords, derbies, brogues - truly human shoes, which have successfully migrated to women's wardrobe. The stench however successfully looks with a businesslike style, casual, minimalism;
                            • Loafers - tskav variations without lacing with a heel or a platform;
                            • Chelsea shoes for women - wide ankles with humic inserts on the sides of the bottom of the pants, a coat or a skinny jacket;
                            • moccasins, ballet flats - summer or spring models without heels with soft gum soles;
                            • espadrile - ideal for a wide leg;
                            • grindersi - rough boots with a massive tread sole;
                            • sandals, slates - companions of warm weather. You can go to the beach, to the office without a strict dress code;
                            • sneakers, sneakers, keds - current sports models.

                            In addition, the range of our catalog is bought with a choice of chobit, nap_vchobit, cherevik_v, winter, demi-season, from different materials, different price categories, so you can buy a cicava model for the cold season in a difficult warehouse.

                            How to choose the perfect couple in the Garne online store?

                            The comfort of a scarf, whether it be an element of a wardrobe, is a guarantee of a warm mood and a healthy one. Whoever buys the cheapest one is rich, until then, we’ll call for a long time, unsuccessfully. That is why it is recommended to wear yakіsnyh models, yakі to serve more than one season, and also to bring more comfort with a little wear. The first sign of superficiality, yakіsnoi bet - neat stitches and visibility to the smell. Keep in mind: a sharp aroma indicates a variety of inexpensive materials, and the term for exploitation of such a model depends on the strength of a sprat of months. It's not surprising that girls want to shop more in offline stores in order to especially distort the presence or the presence of an unpleasant smell. But the online store of women's whistle Garne hopes for the possibility of a future reconciliation and a glance at the bet. And in case of inconsistent models, you can turn it, otrimavshi pennies back. So what:

                            • try to choose the right one for recognition: progulyankov, svyatkov, sports style, business;
                            • call for seasonality, for example, the presence of perforation is not suitable for demi-seasonal types, and closed crosses are not the best choice for a summer look;
                            • buy a pair of strictly svogo rozmіru - tse zaruka zruchnostі wearing that trivial term of service;
                            • for the winter, choose skins or a pair of suede, nubuck;
                            • Remember: don't start branding a brand name vzuttya maє great price tag!

                            It is noteworthy that you can buy online immediately online store Garne for a retail price or in bulk with delivery from Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, and other places - ask for wholesale prices from our managers.

                            What material to choose?

                            Zhіnoche vzuttya in our catalog is represented by different options: winter, summer, demi-season. Moreover, winter options - from warm sruchnyh cherevikiv with a hutra to elegant chobitkiv, yakі nadіyno save your nіzhki in frosty weather. Handy low boots with a platform, sports models, military style boots. And summer models in Garne are the largest assortment for all types of life: open, closed, with straps, stitches, pickups, platform or flat bottom. To that, choose a woman’s vozuttya to the Internet store to lie down in the light of your old-fashioned look, vicarious material, likeness to your special characteristics. An important material for the purchase of a new bet is the material that is sewn out of it. And the online store Garne offers to choose an option from the most popular materials:

                            • natural shkiri - "breathing", water-resistant material, ideal for all seasons;
                            • Piece shkiri - wear-resistant, water-resistant, porous material. Do not be afraid to write to shkirozaminniks - such a couple will serve at least 2-3 seasons;
                            • Nubuck - tse dribnovosista shkir, ringing nagaduє suede;
                            • Gumi - practical, wear-resistant, inexpensive material. Slippers, crocsies, goomy chobots are born of the new, as if they are afraid of the water, the ford, and the other infusion of the call;
                            • textiles - light, breathable, and ale to make thin fabric, as it is suitable for warm weather;
                            • natural and piece suede - soft, light material;
                            • velor - the sound of a pleasant, but the most whimsical material.

                            Which of these materials is the best? Obviously, if you buy shoes or kedis for a leather day, then it’s better to choose shoes or suede models from natural materials, which “breathe”, pliable materials. On the "vacation" that for non-trivial wear pіdіyde inexpensive zhіnoche vzuttya zі piece materials.

                            De better to bathe yakіsne zhіnoche vzutya inexpensively?

                            Buy goods in offline stores manually, so that you can immediately reconcile the model, that minimize risks, but it will take a lot of time. And internet store I think Garne hopes it is possible to reconcile the model when it is removed, and in case of a non-liquid or an indispensable rozmіru, correct a couple of times ago. We choose the best options for you, so you can be inspired by the relevance of skin betting. Also pragnemo pіdtrimuvati naykrashchі cіni, schob purchases delighted our customers, guaranteeing your own delivery of goods to Ukraine, ensuring the latest suprovіd at the time of registration. With us you will definitely know your ideal couple!

                            Product prices from the category women's shoes

                            Women's shoes Price
                            Basic white leather sneakers Garne 3200016 1589 UAH
                            Red rag ballerinas with white soles Las Espadrillas 3100260 698 UAH
                            White mesh summer leather sneakers 8019480 1950 UAH
                            Black women's oxfords made of genuine leather on the platform Garne 3200010 1589 UAH
                            Light women's oxford shoes made of genuine leather Garne 3200011 2229 UAH

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