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Women's bags Garne - accessories for stylish ladies

The collection of the Garne online store is aimed at stylish young ladies who know their worth. A catalog is presented to the attention of fashionistas of all ages, allowing you to buy an inexpensive women's bag in Ukraine with delivery directly from the manufacturer. Here you will find women's bags:

  • classic products that perfectly complement the image;
  • functional accessories for business women who care about their image;
  • convenient options for practical women;
  • sporty, roomy shoppers for active girls;
  • small handbags, evening clutches;
  • fashionable banana bags, messengers, universal handbags for fashionistas who follow trends.

The Garne online store is the best place for balanced, reasonable purchases. After all, you can easily look through the entire range of the catalog, mark the products you like, and then, simply opening the closet, create possible images with a photograph of this or that accessory. After this, you can safely order the desired option online.

Selection of women's bags in the Garne online store

A fashionable handbag plays the role of the final touch, a spectacular “cherry” that complements clothes, shoes, and forms the overall impression. Regardless of the size, it should accommodate all the necessary little things, and also make the image of its owner more interesting. Therefore, when choosing such an accessory, you should take into account the type of bag, the material from which it is made, the style, and even the body type of the future owner.

What types of women's bags are there?

Among all the diversity, it is customary to distinguish the following main groups:

  • tote. The product has two comfortable wide handles of medium length, rectangular stable shape. Often such accessories are equipped with an additional strap that allows you to wear them hanging on your shoulder;
  • shopper. Larger in size than a tote, its dimensions allow it to be placed inside purchases. Therefore, when sewing this product, the most durable materials are used: canvas, leather, denim;
  • hobo - a soft handbag without a dense body, shaped like a crescent. Usually it has only one or two compartments, but is not suitable for carrying business papers and other printed products;
  • messenger or messenger bag - a more sophisticated option that looks like a clutch, but with a long shoulder strap. This product is usually small in size and has several compartments, which makes it incredibly convenient and indispensable for active women;
  • backpack - an accessory for sporty or casual style. It will be useful for schoolgirls, students, and young mothers. And the backpack is also convenient for travel and travel: everything will fit into it and your hands will be free;
  • belt bag or banana bag. This option is youthful, comfortable, suitable for everyday wear, and can act as a guarantee for the preservation of valuables, especially in places with large crowds of people: at a disco, party.

What materials are women's bags made from?

The most popular material is genuine leather, because its main advantage is wear resistance, durability, and practicality. But a women's leather bag is not the cheapest. Therefore, for the manufacture of such accessories they use:

  • leatherette. Cheap material, not durable, although outwardly no different from leather counterparts;
  • cotton is an option for summer accessories;
  • suede leather. Beautiful material that requires special care;
  • artificial suede is a highly durable elastic material, cheaper than natural suede;
  • nylon. Most often, backpacks, sports bags, and shoppers are made from this material.

Choose women's bags according to your body type

Which handbags are suitable for women with different body types?

  • if you have a “triangle” or “pear” type figure, when the hips are wide, the shoulders are narrow, and the waist is pronounced, then you need to choose options in bright colors, medium sizes. Or pay attention to clutches, envelope bags, large items with short handles; they should be worn under the arm, over the shoulder or on the bend of the elbow;
  • For those with an “inverted triangle” figure with narrow hips and broad shoulders, it is advisable to choose bags of bright colors with a long strap, voluminous options, and wear them on the shoulder or cross body;
  • for women with an apple figure, curvy figures, and a noticeable tummy, clutches and large women's bags are suitable. You can also carry them in your hands or on the crook of your elbow.

Choosing a handbag by height

Tall girls, regardless of their figure type, will suit any model. Large women's bags with short handles, backpacks, clutches, and briefcases will look great. Small cross body options will visually help hide tall height, if necessary. But they should be carried in your hands. But for short young ladies it is better to choose small women's handbags with a long strap that are comfortable to wear over the shoulder. Make sure that such an accessory is below hip level. As for colors, the classics are always eternal: black, white, brown or beige women's bags are trendy. But models in colors such as burgundy, blue, mustard, blue, and pink are also in fashion. In the online store Garne you have the opportunity to purchase a handbag of any type, shape, color, decorated or classic, plain at a good price and with delivery anywhere in Ukraine. Ordering a woman's bag for a girl inexpensively in the Garne online store is your best decision!

Our online store presents accessories for people with excellent taste. Therefore, if you are looking for where to buy a women's bag at an affordable price, the Garne collection offers a wide range of models for all occasions:

  • leather, with reliable seams, durable handles and durable fittings, discreet colors;
  • small handbags in pastel colors for romantic girls, summer wardrobe;
  • catchy fashionable clutches for parties, photo shoots;
  • bright options with original decor for a stylish look;
  • comfortable products with a shoulder handle for trips and trips;
  • urban youth backpacks;-
  • super fashionable models.

You can order a women's bag from us by phone, on social networks or on the website. For each option you need to put in a minimum of effort, the main thing is to have the Internet or a phone at hand. If the product is in stock at the warehouse, we will place your order as quickly as possible, notify you by call or SMS, and send your purchase to any location in Ukraine. Fortunately, delivery services operate throughout the country, and their reliability has been tested over the years, with millions of annual deliveries.

If the girl does not like the bag, within 14 days after purchase you have the right to exchange the product or return it for a full refund. But this is possible provided that the handbag has not lost its presentation and all the labels are preserved.

And if you haven’t yet become a fan of online shopping, call us, we will definitely fix it and help you buy a women’s bag!

Product prices from the category women's bags

Women's bags Price
Black perforated leatherette banana bag Mamakazala 8038009 550 UAH
Cotton shopper bag with long handles and print 4007792 199 UAH
Small universal bag in white leatherette with metal studs SamBag 8045041 630 UAH
Brand keychain made of black genuine leather Garne 3300114 199 UAH
Small cross-body bag made of genuine leather in black with a long strap Garne 3300110 2 039 UAH

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