bodysuit - #4019319
    499 UAH
    bodysuit - #4019304
      499 UAH
      bodysuit - #3025419
        499 UAH
        bodysuit - #4019324
          499 UAH
          bodysuit - #4019302
            499 UAH
            bodysuit - #4019317
              499 UAH
              bodysuit - #4019313
                499 UAH
                bodysuit - #3025424
                  499 UAH
                  bodysuit - #3025422
                    499 UAH
                    Erotic bodysuit - #4025693
                      499 UAH
                      Erotic bodysuit - #4025962
                        519 UAH
                        bodysuit - #4019300
                          499 UAH
                          bodysuit - #4026519
                            759 UAH


                            • XL/2XL
                            bodysuit - #4026940
                            • -4%
                            869 UAH 909 UAH


                            • XL/2XL
                            • S/L
                            Erotic bodysuit - #4025323
                              739 UAH
                              bodysuit - #4026191
                                889 UAH
                                bodysuit - #4019323
                                  499 UAH
                                  bodysuit - #4026520
                                    519 UAH
                                    Mesh jumpsuit - #2003483
                                      499 UAH
                                      Erotic bodysuit - #4019719
                                        519 UAH
                                        bodysuit - #4027026
                                          539 UAH
                                          Erotic bodysuit - #4019731
                                            499 UAH
                                            bodysuit - #4026521
                                              499 UAH
                                              Erotic bodysuit - #4019727
                                                499 UAH
                                                bodysuit - #4026939
                                                • -5%
                                                539 UAH 569 UAH
                                                Erotic bodysuit - #4025320
                                                  889 UAH
                                                  bodysuit - #4027020
                                                    399 UAH
                                                    bodysuit - #3013879
                                                      499 UAH
                                                      Erotic bodysuit - #4025342
                                                        889 UAH
                                                        bodysuit - #4019310
                                                          499 UAH
                                                          bodysuit - #3012388
                                                            499 UAH
                                                            Erotic bodysuit - #4025688
                                                              499 UAH
                                                              Erotic bodysuit - #4019723
                                                                499 UAH
                                                                bodysuit - #4019332
                                                                  519 UAH
                                                                  Erotic bodysuit - #4025691
                                                                    519 UAH
                                                                    Erotic bodysuit - #4025963
                                                                      519 UAH

                                                                      Reviews for products

                                                                      Catsuit, also known as bodystocking or bodysuit, is one of the sexiest types of women's erotic lingerie. Crafted from soft yet stretchy translucent fabric, embellished with lace patterns for a mysterious and seductive touch, this play outfit will add an exotic touch to your relationship with even more passion. Thanks to a special elastic fabric, most often made in the form of a thin mesh with patterns, it fits the entire body, while not restricting or restricting movement, like a second skin.

                                                                      Such an erotic costume emphasizes the charms, at the same time slightly covering them, awakening fantasy and desire in both partners. Sexy slits serve not only to give the costume even more frankness, but also for a practical purpose: it does not have to be hurriedly removed at the most crucial moment, being at the peak of passion.

                                                                      Catsuit: Your weapon of seduction

                                                                      Catsuit (or catsuit), originally created as a suit for gymnasts and acrobats, has become a unique piece of clothing that emphasizes the shape and lines of the body. In Garne we offer a variety of catsuits that combine elegance and sexiness.

                                                                      Garne offers catsuits in a variety of styles and materials. Whether you want to create an image of a mystical and mysterious woman or prefer something more tender and romantic, we have a catsuit for you.

                                                                      Bodycatsuit: Versatility and comfort

                                                                      The bodycatsuit is underwear that can be worn on its own or as a base layer under clothing. It is comfortable, softly hugs the body and emphasizes feminine forms, creating a perfect silhouette.

                                                                      Catsuit Selection: Highlights

                                                                      Buying a catsuit in Garne is a choice in favor of quality and comfort. We care about our customers, therefore we offer only high quality products from proven materials. When choosing a catsuit, consider:

                                                                      • Size: For a perfect fit, you must select the correct size.
                                                                      • Material: Depending on your preference and the purpose of the catsuit, choose between natural and synthetic materials.
                                                                      • Style: At Garne you will find classic black catsuits, as well as bright and creative models.

                                                                      What are they like?

                                                                      Like any erotic lingerie, catsuits or mesh jumpsuits are presented in the widest range in our Garne online store. However, some species are more common.

                                                                      • The size of the mesh of such erotic lingerie can be small, almost continuous, or large. There are also models without decorations (mesh only) with rich finishes: patterns, lace, satin ribbons, lacing, bows and even fur.
                                                                      • Catsuit can be a jumpsuit with a step slit that completely hides the body with a transparent mesh or fabric, a bodysuit with attached non-removable stockings. There are options with long sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, asymmetric or no sleeves at all, as well as straps. You can even find an almost decent jumpsuit, at first glance, more like a translucent blouse and tight stockings. This one can be used for games, and brave ladies can try to wear it with a jacket and skirt and go on a date with their man, subtly hinting that a pleasant surprise awaits him.
                                                                      • The most popular colors of bodystocking are depraved unrestrainedly sexy red, passionate black, white, giving a touch of some innocence. Less common, but no less interesting look beige - it creates the effect of a naked body, luxurious golden, "metallic" silver, as well as bright, original colors: yellow, purple, pink. It all depends on taste and imagination.
                                                                      • Such a jumpsuit can completely cover the entire body, having only a step cut, or have many cuts, giving it openwork and even greater frankness. There are models with an open back, chest or deep neckline.
                                                                      • They go great with stilettos, and sleeveless options can be complemented by long gloves to the elbow.

                                                                      Not only for thin people

                                                                      Looking at the photos in the catalogs, you may get the impression that the catsuit is suitable only for thin girls or owners of ideal forms. In fact, this is far from the case, because it all depends on the right size, as well as the pattern of erotic lingerie. If they are chosen well and tastefully, then a girl with rather appetizing forms will look sexy and seductive.

                                                                      Catsuits from Garne are the perfect choice for a woman who appreciates quality, comfort and style. Our range offers a variety of models suitable for various occasions and events. Visit our website and choose your perfect catsuit today!

                                                                      Product prices from the category catsuit

                                                                      Catsuit Price
                                                                      Red bodysuit BS 035 with intimate slits Passion 3025422 499 UAH
                                                                      Black erotic sheer mesh jumpsuit Passion 4019302 499 UAH
                                                                      Erotic black bodysuit with intimate slits Obsessive 4025320 889 UAH
                                                                      Transparent bodysuit BS 038 for seduction Passion 3025424 499 UAH
                                                                      Sheer black mesh bodysuit with erotic slits Passion 3013879 499 UAH

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