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Women's turtlenecks

Fashionable women's knee socks and turtlenecks at manufacturer's prices - the best choice in the Garne online clothing store ===================================================== ===================================================== ====

Classic women's turtlenecks are one of the most sought-after elements in every fashionista's wardrobe. They are universal, practical, depending on the style, material, relevant at any time of the year, in any weather, suitable for everyone, for any look. And every girl should have such blouses, at least in a single copy. Therefore, if you do not have this item of clothing, buying an inexpensive women's turtleneck will be your best decision. And we, the Garne online store, will help you with this.

Fashionable turtlenecks for women: types, features

A turtleneck, golf, a sweater with a high neck, a jumper with a narrow neck that can be rolled up several times - it's all the same thing. But such sweaters can be of several other subtypes:

- with a neck is a blouse with a high neck, which is usually turned 2-3 times or left to lie like an accordion. These versions of sweaters look good on any type of female figure, and due to its universal style, a turtleneck with a neck fits classic, sporty, business, and casual styles;

- under the throat - a golf shirt with a small stand-up collar, usually single, rarely double. This style is popular with business women, because it goes well with a pencil skirt, as well as classic straight-cut trousers, and can replace a blouse if the weather is cool outside;

- no neck - an option with an open neck, while the neckline can be round or V-shaped. More suitable for casual style, urban look.

In addition to differences in the neckline, women's turtlenecks also differ in long sleeves. In the classic version, golf has long sleeves. But no less popular are short sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, sleeveless options or the so-called American ones, which emphasize the beauty of women’s shoulders.

What materials can you buy women's turtlenecks from? ===================================================== =

You can buy a fashionable women's turtleneck with delivery throughout Ukraine online in the Garne online store. The catalog presents high-quality, stylish, branded clothing at an affordable price from different materials:

- woolen - ideal for cold autumn and winter;

- cashmere - thin women's knee socks for the changeable off-season;

- knitted: summer turtlenecks made of cotton fabric or insulated winter sweaters with a high neck made of thick fabric, sometimes with a brushed or fleece lining;

- made of viscose - thin summer knee socks for spring;

- cotton - soft models made of light thin fabric for cool summer evenings;

- lace or guipure blouses for sophisticated evening looks;

- mesh, transparent for combination with jackets, jackets, use instead of a shirt, blouse, top.

Moreover, in addition to the classic colors (white, black, gray), red, turquoise, yellow, and pink turtlenecks for women are also relevant. Women's plain golf socks, which are distinguished by their strict simplicity, are highly valued among fashionistas.

How to combine correctly?

If golf is successfully combined with other things, you can create an elegant, stylish look. So, the product can be worn with dresses, skirts, trousers, suits, jeans, cardigans. You can order a women's golf shirt, which will contrast in color with a shirt or jacket of a men's silhouette. This combination is considered one of the top trends of the season. A fashionable trend is also the elongated golf dress, which elegantly outlines the figure.

You can add charm and zest to your look with the help of jewelry: massive pendants on a long chain, beads, large earrings.

Where to buy a branded golf turtleneck for a girl?

The most convenient way to buy clothes is online. Because:

- you can quickly choose exactly what you need, based on color, material;

- there is freedom of choice and purchase. You are not tied to going to the store, a couple of clicks - and the purchase of the goods will be completed;

- the online catalog has a good selection of available models;

- constant discounts, the opportunity to attend a promotion or buy a turtleneck on sale at a discount.

Previously, online shopping was confusing due to the lack of product fitting, but now this problem has been solved due to special sizing charts. The main thing is to first measure the circumference of your shoulders, chest, and waist.

If you have any doubts about choosing a size, you can call or write in an online chat to the clothing store managers. They will provide accurate measurements of a specific model, take into account the features of your figure and help with your choice.

If in this case a women’s turtleneck does not fit your figure, it can always be returned or exchanged within the period specified by law.

Good choice and happy shopping!

Product prices from the category women's turtlenecks

Women's turtlenecks Price
Basic knitted blue ribbed golf turtleneck DANNA Garne 3041093 899 UAH
Basic knitted ribbed golf turtleneck in beige DANNA Garne 3041095 899 UAH
Basic knitted golf turtleneck in milky color DANNA Garne 3041096 899 UAH
Basic yellow ribbed knit golf turtleneck DANNA Garne 3041094 899 UAH

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