Women's sports bag

In the world of fashion, one can note a special niche of accessories – women's fitness bags.
The best sports models are created by world famous brands.
An echo of the sporty bias in fashion for 2015 are belt bags, which have returned to fashion since the distant 90s.

Women's bag bags from the collections of famous designers at fashion shows in 2015 will make you look irresistible. They are so comfortable and roomy that they will become indispensable assistants for sports active representatives of the fair sex. These bags are found in the collections of the following famous brands: "Lanvin", "Marni", "Giorgio Armani", "Ralph Lauren" and Givenchy. Smaller hard-bottom sack bags were released at Nina Ricci and Moschino. For their tailoring, not only genuine leather was used, but also textile material and exotic leather.

At the shows of trendy bags in 2015, another rather stylish accessory is highlighted – bowling bag. Similar youth women's bags are prototypes of bowling bags. They differ from other sports bags in medium size, the presence of 2 short handles. It is worth noting that a bowling bag never goes out of fashion, so fashionistas should definitely buy a model of this cut. This model is loved by many women due to its functionality.

At the shows, active girls drew attention to the new collection of Alexander Wang sneaker bags. His accessories combine elegance and sporty features. The design of a women's sports bag from this designer is suitable for combination with different styles of clothing.

Sporty chic is present in accessories from Marc Jacobs - the Marc brand.

The Anya Hindmarch brand boasts capacious bright bags.

Relevant in 2015 and large sports bags. They were included in the Spring 2015 collections. Large sizes of sports bags are distinguished by their special functionality – they contain a large number of things that are so necessary for active ladies. In addition, trendy women's sports bags can be worn with clothes of almost any style (with the exception of a feminine elegant look). Similar roomy accessories are available from Topshop Unique.

You can demonstrate good taste by purchasing a sports bag from the best luxury brand of sports bags – Ferrari. The company makes its models from textiles and genuine leather. The brand has a tendency from year to year – combination of 2 colors: black and red. Trendy women's sports bags from «Ferrari» invariably adorns the – prancing stallion. These accessories are not only of high quality, but also very practical.

The luxury segment of sports bags is also represented by the English brand "Fred Perry". The signature style of the designer – "barrel" rounded shape with branded "chip" on the side – spacious handy compartment. In 2015, discreet shades of the following colors will be relevant: gray, brown, black. Striped handles remain branded. For sewing sports bags, high-quality artificial leather is used.

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