Women's skirts

Pants and jeans have become everyday wear for us, but skirts are exactly the wardrobe item that emphasizes the femininity, fragility of every girl, allowing her to dress beautifully and show her legs.

They also lend themselves to fashion trends, and therefore it is important to know what trends and trends are currently relevant in order not only to look good, but also to keep up with the times.

Fashionable skirts – how to choose the length this year?

What is the length of skirts in fashion this year? Almost any. Skirts can be mini, midi or maxi length. But still, the midi length is probably the favorite of this year. And all because she makes the skirt universal – and legs open, compared to maxi length, worn comfortably, but always appropriate, unlike mini skirts. 

Democratic fashion allows you to focus not only on the skirt, but also on the fact that it looks harmonious in your wardrobe. So, a long or midi skirt is indispensable in the cold season. In summer, long skirts made of light fabrics will also not be a hindrance. But miniskirts can be worn in winter only on a date, provided that it will not be a walk down the street. In other cases, it is better to wait until it becomes warm.

Fashionable skirts – actual styles

Among the styles, the retro style is probably the most popular. He filled literally all the podiums of world designers, and not in vain. A voluminous cut, which is presented in the form of A-line skirts, flared skirts and bell skirts, will help you experiment with your style and bring new colors to it.

But such styles are suitable for girls who do not have figure flaws, but on more plump girls with shapes, skirts will fit well - a year that suits almost everyone. They highlight the feminine curves of the figure, and from below they turn into a lush flare, creating an understatement effect.

For office everyday life, the ideal solution for skirts is the pencil shape, which has been known since the 80s and stands out among the rest for its rigor and versatility, as it can be worn with a suit or separately from it.

Well, skirts with pleats remain relevant, which add fragility to a boyish figure, and skirts with a smell. They look mysterious and sophisticated, adding a touch of sexiness with the slit created by the smell, and just look great on girls and women with round hips.

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      Fashion fabrics and trends in the world of skirts

      If we talk about trends, then animalism, geometric shapes and various prints are quite applicable to skirts this year. Also a good choice would be a product of bright color, which can also be combined with the color blocking trend, when one bright piece of clothing (in our case, a skirt) contrasts with other 2-3 colors that are combined in one look.

      The choice of fabrics is also very diverse, but if you wanted to try something new, then this is just the right time for this. At the peak of popularity in these seasons are leather skirts, and you can also use materials such as fur, wool, velvet and denim.