Women's overalls

Women's overalls in this year 2015 are again more popular than ever. In principle, this wardrobe item has always occupied an important niche in the wardrobe of many women, but this year it is a must have of this season.

Many people love it because it is a full-fledged wardrobe item, while others often do not understand how to combine it in their usual style.

Jumpsuit – universal wardrobe item

As already mentioned, overalls can be an independent subject of the image. And all because if you put it on, then you no longer have to suffer with the right combination of the top and bottom of the image, because sometimes it's hard to choose the top and bottom so that they harmonize with each other. And he solves this problem.

In addition, such a wardrobe item is also notable for the fact that it suits all girls and women, regardless of height and body type. When choosing it according to your style, do not forget only that if the top of the overalls is free, then the bottom should be more tight-fitting, and vice versa – so that there is no baggy effect.

Both winter and summer

The fact that they are constantly being improved and more and more new styles are being created makes it possible to wear them almost all year round. In summer, overalls with a skirt below or overalls with shorts are relevant, which are very comfortable, especially for every day. And products sewn from light chiffon fabric will allow you to wear overalls with trousers to work even in the heat. 

In winter, overalls with trousers will help you diversify your wardrobe and at least get a little distraction from sweaters and regular pants, and also go well with cardigans and jackets.

Use of overalls in different styles of clothing

Many designers, trying to stand out, began to come up with a variety of variations of styles and fabrics that are used for overalls.

So, for business women who follow the dress code or simply prefer business style, this product can become a stylish highlight of the wardrobe without going beyond the style. Today you can find them in stores in the form of connected trousers with a blouse or simply a strict style that provides for the presence of classic trousers at the bottom. Choosing neutral calm colors – black, dark blue, beige, you can look original without losing a business note in the image.

For lovers of casual style, and especially its street casual direction, a denim jumpsuit will be an excellent choice. It can be combined with sneakers and ballet flats, and more daring girls can wear overalls even with heels. Jackets and vests made of similar fabrics, leather jackets and parkas, which have become so popular this year, go well with denim overalls. 

And for those who like to dress feminine and emphasize their fragility, the fashion industry has in store many variations of jumpsuits made of light, flowing fabrics with a variety of prints and bright colors. Floral patterns, animalistics and pleating – all these trends are embodied in this wardrobe item.

Therefore, take a look at the overalls – unusual, but comfortable and versatile piece of clothing.

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