Why you should wear embroidery

Vyshyvanka is one of the brightest symbols of Ukrainian folk culture. Such a beautiful and elegant shirt has always served as an adornment for any woman. Since ancient times, vyshyvanka has been not only a necessary wardrobe item, but also a powerful amulet. Now on the street is the 21st century, clay houses have long been replaced by modern high-rise buildings, and carts with horses - by expensive cars, but one thing has remained unchanged - this is love for national traditions and vyshyvanka is a clear confirmation of this.

So, who doesn't have an embroidered shirt in their closet, admit it? Such a shirt is a very versatile thing, because it can be worn both for work and for holidays. Natural cotton fabric is suitable for any time of the year: in winter you will not freeze, and in summer it will not be hot. The choice of embroidery on the modern market is so large that even the most whimsical customer will be able to choose exactly what she wants. 

From the very beginning, vyshyvanka was made of white fabric. This color symbolizes purity and health. A white shirt suits a woman of any age and goes well with both casual skinny jeans and a classic skirt pencil. Another color that was attached to embroidered shirts of those times is gray-cream (from unbleached linen). Black shirts used to be worn exclusively by men. This color was considered a symbol of sadness and sadness. Now it is enough for a woman to add a bright accent - be it red lipstick or an original bag and a stylish look is ready!

It is known that each of the regions of Ukraine had its own unique national costume. From Transcarpathia to Poltava region, embroidered shirts differed in color, ornament and embroidery technique. Here, for example, in the Kiev region they liked to combine floral and geometric patterns: cones, vines, squares and rhombuses. And for the Donetsk region, a vertical shelf from the neck was very characteristic. 

One way or another, vyshyvanka is a reminder of our rich and diverse culture, national traditions and ancestors. An embroidered shirt will never become superfluous in the wardrobe of a modern girl - it will only decorate and add zest to its owner!