What to wear in winter in the mountains

When we are going on a trip, we always wonder about it. what to take with you. In order not to forget anything, it is better to make a list. Essentials - money, a passport, medicines and hygiene items will not create a hassle when packing a suitcase, but the choice of clothing should be carefully considered. 

If you are going to travel in winter or go to a ski resort, it is clear that you need to take warm and comfortable clothes with you. But depending on the climate 
feeling cold  is different. For example, in Yakutia (a region of the Russian Federation), the temperature of -40 is felt, like we have -10. And all because in Ukraine there is a lot of humidity and wind, and in Yakutia - on the contrary. In the first case, you need to take waterproof and windproof jackets, and in the second - ordinary warm clothes. 

If you're skiing, buy a ski suit. Now there is a very large selection of such costumes with a variety of patterns and colors. Take care of thermal underwear, it perfectly absorbs moisture and retains heat. Get a fleece jacket. It is light, warm and pleasant to the body, but it blows a lot, so you need to wear a jacket on top, preferably with a hood. Mandatory to purchase special gloves for skiers, which protect hands from frostbite and injuries from falls. Hats made of heat-resistant materials that allow air to pass through are also sold.  Dress like a cabbage - many layers of thin clothing. First of all, wear underwear made from natural fabrics that will absorb body moisture (thermal underwear). If you put on one, but very warm sweater, the effect will be different. Do not forget that the ski resort - it's not only skis and snow, it's also discos, restaurants, saunas and swimming pools. Therefore, take a few pairs of jeans for every day, basic things (turtlenecks, sweaters), a dress for going to a disco or a restaurant and a swimsuit for the sauna and pool. 

Take care of your trip ahead of time. Buy all the necessary things, pack your bags. Practice confirms that gatherings in puffs will not lead to good - whether you like it or not, you will still forget something. But still, you don't need to worry. In any case, there will be shops on the way to rest or at the resort itself and you can buy the necessary trifle.