What to do so that the wool does not bite

When the weather outside leaves much to be desired, we have one desire - to take a cup of hot chocolate and wrap our heads in a cozy wool sweater. But what if your favorite warm thing bites? There is an exit! Even a few... In general, choose the one that you like best.

Soak a scratchy wool sweater in a special softener to prevent it from biting. Take the conditioner, and in a double portion, and dilute in warm water. Soak the necessary item and leave for a while, and finally rinse in cold water.


The woolen thread has small prickly villi, which in warm water "open" even more. The conditioner, in turn, envelops them with special substances that prevent them from ruffling, and cold water helps the villi to adhere tightly to the thread.

Another easy way to soften rough pile is to wash your clothes the way you wash your hair. That is with shampoo and conditioner. The latter should be applied to the sweater for at least 20 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly and dried. In general, if you are not sorry for your hair products, go ahead and experiment!

There is also a time-tested method. Wash woolen clothes as you normally would. Then dilute in water one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of vinegar (for 10 liters of water). Rinse the wool product well.


Glycerin (available at a pharmacy) is a good alternative to salt and vinegar. In this case, soak the clothes for half an hour in the resulting solution and rinse it in plain water.

In addition to the usual methods, you can also use mustard, but it is only suitable for dark things, because it tends to stain products. Dilute a packet of mustard powder with warm water. Rinse the wool sweater in this solution and then in plain water. Wring out clothes and dry in a horizontal position.

If all of the above methods did not help you, then you can try freezing. Wash wool sweater with softening conditioner, wring it out, put it in a bag and steam it in the freezer days. The procedure must be repeated several times.