What things to throw out of the wardrobe

Old underwear. Do you still have frayed bras, stretched nightgowns and worn-out baby-print panties in your closet? Throw it away immediately! Such things do not put you in the best light in front of your loved one, and also take up extra space in the closet. Buy yourself new and high-quality underwear that will retain its marketable appearance for a long time and will cheer you up every day. 

Clothes don't fit. You should not wear things that do not sit well on your figure. After all, trousers that are close-fitting or a blouse, which, on the contrary, are two sizes larger, visually deform the figure. Everything should sit clearly, and it is better to give things that are not the right size to your friends. 

Old school uniform. Do you still keep your school uniform? Get rid of this reminder of the Soviet Union, because you will no longer need it.

Ripped tights. Bought new tights, put on and "voila" - went arrow. Every girl is familiar with this situation, but don't put torn tights in your closet, just buy new ones.

Cheap bags and wallets. If you want to look expensive and beautiful - buy appropriate accessories. Cheap bags and wallets will not last long and will not best emphasize your image, which is made up of details. So throw away low-quality accessories and get something worthwhile.

Worn shoes. How much is connected with those pink mega-comfortable ballet flats in which you have been walking for the fifth year already and where can you find these very ones? Familiar? If you see that your shoes have already outlived theirs, throw them away and do not regret it. 

Washed clothes. If your basic black T-shirt has gone through hundreds of washes and lost its original color, it's a signal that it's time to say goodbye. 

Transparent clothing. Half-naked hints are appropriate only on the red carpet, and then, the stars who preferred such outfits at the ceremony are subjected to harsh criticism for a long time. Vulgarity is anti-fashion, so throw out transparent clothes from your wardrobe.

Things you've never worn before. Learn to buy the clothes you will wear. It’s better to think a hundred times before buying before spending money on an unnecessary thing that will take up extra space in the closet.