What sweaters will be in fashion this winter

When it gets cold outside, everyone, without exception, tries to dress warmer, and in this case a sweater is a universal and everyone's favorite thing! It doesn't matter if women or men and even children, everyone wears sweaters! After all, they are warm, pleasant to the body, and, of course, their choice is so great that finding a model to your liking will not be any problem.
But still, in order to stay in trend for the upcoming fall and winter, you need to consider some tips for choosing women's sweaters. Council the first. Choose sweaters with voluminous textured patterns.

Very fashionable and no less relevant are several options: coarse knitting, geometric weaves, braids, patterns, Aran weaving, plaits. Such a thing needs to be combined with a solid bottom, since the voluminous top will already attract a lot of attention. Tip number two. In the coming season, things like "oversized", that is, a couple of sizes larger than you need, will be in the lead. In baggy warm sweaters, it is very pleasant in cold weather to wrap yourself up and feel warm and comfortable. The third important point is monochrome inscriptions. The youthful, modern print looks very fashionable, but at the same time quite restrained.

Designers emphasize bright, short inscriptions on a contrasting background, or a lighter background or shadow is made for dark text. Words and even numbers look organically on sweatshirts and elongated jumpers, on sweaters and T-shirts. Fashion trend number four – These are larger cartoon images. In 2015, cartoon characters, animals, birds, people and many other things are popular. Popular drawings include wolves, owls, cartoon characters, fruits. Products with such a pattern look bright and colorful, and definitely cheer up.

If you are looking for a sweater like this, then choose a simple, straight silhouette and a round neck, because this does not distract attention from the image, and does not oversaturate the image.
Whatever you choose, the main thing is that you feel warm and comfortable, because this is the main function of the sweater.

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