What are espadrilles?

Summer is the time for relaxation, fun and activity. Summer is the perfect time for hikes, walks and nature trips. Clothing is very important, because on hot days, non-natural, synthetic fabrics can pretty much spoil the mood and image as a whole. This also applies to shoes. Incorrectly chosen footwear will ruin the whole day, and in the worst case, it will hurt your feet until corns appear and there is not a pleasant smell. So it’s better to temporarily abandon high heels, uncomfortable wedges and thin straps that cut into the skin. Espadrilles are the best shoes for hot summer. What is this? For many, this word is not yet known and is in no way associated with shoes. These soft, comfortable, stylish, practical shoes have repeatedly caught your eye, but maybe you just didn’t know what they were called.

So, espadrilles – these are light summer shoes, made of natural fabrics, most often linen or cotton, on a rope flat sole or on a wedge in the form of sandals. This comfortable and favorite footwear for fashionistas appeared thanks to the Spanish peasants, who, due to their poverty, made shoes from what they could find under their feet. Accordingly, grass was the cheapest, so they wove the sole out of it.

Espadrilles gained incredible popularity after Yves Saint Laurent presented his new collection, and models were shod in simple espadrilles. Since then, their popularity has skyrocketed.
What to wear them with? The main thing to remember – Espadrilles are worn without socks and tights, that is, on bare feet. Therefore, it is worth remembering that shoes on the foot should not hang out or tightly squeeze the foot.

It is also worth paying attention to the fabric from which the shoes are made, the main thing is that the foot breathes, so choose natural fabrics. And it is also important to feel the internal seams, if they are too hard, consider if they will cause you discomfort when walking. Many global brands have released espadrilles, so even brand lovers will find a pair. Light slippers with woven soles will suit both skirts and shorts, and of course your favorite jeans.

The main thing to consider is the choice of color. Fortunately, this season the choice of espadrilles is simply unlimited, so it will not be difficult to choose the pair of shoes that will ideally fit your summer wardrobe. Experts consider the most popular model to be a monophonic and brightly highlighted sock of a different color. The world-famous fashion house Chanel adheres to the same format of espadrilles.