Vyshyvanka is a mystical treasure of Ukrainians

Each ethnic group has its own traditions and customs that have passed through many centuries and generations. The segment of the national costume plays an important role in the history of the people, because it is the ethnic outfit that characterizes this or that nation in terms of their cultural heritage. For example, in Japan, a kimono is considered a national costume, in India - a sari, and in Saudi Arabia - abai (traditional outerwear). Well, it is impossible to imagine our homeland without a colorful authentic vyshyvanka. 

Vyshyvanka has always been considered a national amulet, a symbol of the integrity and inviolability of the Ukrainian people, and was closely intertwined with Slavic mythology.  Since ancient times, it looked like a long shirt gathered around the neck and sleeves. Given the different regions of Ukraine, the tailoring of the style and ornament of the vyshyvanka changed, but the sacred meaning of this garment remained the same - to bring positive and protective energy to its owner. The most energetically strong embroidered shirt is the one that is embroidered by hand by the master - it is also the most expensive in terms of cost.

Do you know that the color and ornament of the national shirt have a special ethnic meaning in our folk culture? For example, the most common embroidered shirt is white and cream - they are usually worn for various holidays and celebrations. Since ancient times, every Ukrainian must have had such a shirt - from a poor peasant to a rich gentleman. As for the other color palette, black, for example, has the opposite meaning - it symbolized sadness and sadness. An embroidered shirt in red represents passion, energy, love of life and beauty. Blue embroidery is preferred by older ladies or girls who are not yet married.

Vyshyvanka is closely connected with Slavic mythology. Symbols and ornaments play an important role on the shirt. They can be divided into three main groups - these are geometric, vegetable and animal. The first - includes the signs of fire, sun, earth and water - these are various rhombuses, straight lines, waves & nbsp;, etc. Floral ornaments include patterns with viburnum, poppy, oak or grapes. 

If you still don’t have an embroidered shirt in your wardrobe, be sure to get it, because it is not only a symbol of our rich national culture,  but also a fashionable must have, which is gaining more and more popularity every year.