Types of women's underwear

Women's underwear is one of the most intimate details of a woman's wardrobe. Properly selected underwear can kindle a flame in any man. After all, covering the most intimate parts of the body, there is room for fantasy, and for the stronger sex this is very important. Every woman has at least two dozen panties in her wardrobe. And all of them are simply vital, depending on the mood and situation.

When choosing new panties, women first of all pay attention to the material from which they are made, and then to the model. There are three types of panties: maxi, midi, mini - depending on the depth of the neckline. Let's take a closer look at the classification of such a spicy element of the wardrobe.
Maxi is the most closed underwear, looks like elongated tight shorts, the most popular representatives are pantaloons. Also closed models include boxers or cropped shorts. This model is very popular due to the many colors and various designs.

The midi type includes slipa panties. This is the most popular model in the world. Every young lady has this model of panties in her closet for sure. They are closed at the back, and have fairly wide stripes on the sides. Slips include a model of underwear called "culottes". They have a very low cut at the hips, and this makes the butt more seductive accordingly.

Also, "tank" panties can also be attributed to a separate type of midi. This model is quite open at the back and low at the front, and the front and back of the underwear are connected by very thin strips of fabric or elastic bands.
Separate type - mini. This is women's favorite type of underwear for warm weather. The most popular model is, of course, the bikini.

Simply put, these are two small triangles of fabric in the back and front. If you need lingerie that will be as invisible as possible under clothes, then choose a thong. This lingerie maximizes all the charms of the female body.

There is a small piece of fabric in front, and a very small one in the back, so to speak "purely symbolic". In turn, thongs can also be divided into several types, namely: G-thongs - open panties with a very low waistline, and only a small triangle in the back; V-string - similar to G-strings, but differ in that this triangle is made of thin elastic bands or braid, and not solid fabric; T-string - have a triangle of fabric only in front, and behind - a thin strip of fabric or an elastic band that forms the letter T, which can be decorated with rhinestones or something else; C-thongs are the most open panties that do not have elastic bands on the sides, they are held only on a silicone frame and cover only the most intimate place.

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