Timeless black

When Coco Chanel designed her little black dress in 1926, she had no idea how popular this color would become. At that time, black was the color of mourning, and today it has become the color that did not disappear from the fashion catwalks of all four fashion capitals.

And this is not only dresses, suits and jackets, but all kinds of things with leather inserts, fabrics of different textures and complexity. The designers set themselves the goal of combining different styles by all means and creating a new bright look for classic black. Surprisingly, this season, many models looked like Goths. Dressed in all black, heavy boots and make-up more than dark.

In everyday life, no one suggests copying the ideas of stylists to the details, but still there are a lot of interesting things to create amazing images, you should still take note. Whether you like to dress like a vamp or prefer something brighter, one thing is definitely clear – to look stylish in the fall-winter 2015 season, stock up on black laconic things, and of course do not forget about accessories and non-standard shoes, this one hundred percent guarantees you success.