The hottest pieces of this season

Accessories are very important for creating a bright, unique look. Have you ever thought that accessories, in particular, jewelry, also go out of fashion? And your favorite gold earrings are better to hide until better times. It is impossible to imagine creating a fashionable bow without the use of jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, at least something , but must be present in the image to complete it. So, today I would like to talk about really fashionable jewelry that dominated fashion shows around the world. 

The "chokers" have become incredibly fashionable this year. Chokers — it is tight, or almost completely, around the neck of the necklace. Its name comes from the English word "choker", which means choking.

 Chokers can be easily found in a wide variety of variations: with large stones or hanging large pendants made of metal, plastic, fabric, leather, velvet and just about anything. Introduced in their collections "suffocating" necklaces from eminent companies such as Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Balmain. If you have a short neck, then you better abandon this type of jewelry as chokers, and turn it to no less fashionable massive necklaces of various bizarre shapes.

And the fancier they are, the better. Huge flowers, symbols, geometric figures are in trend. Such jewelry will look good both over clothes and on a naked body with a large neckline.

As for ear jewelry, pay attention to massive earrings, I would even say very massive earrings. Such models will be in trend in any color and material, just remember that they cannot be worn all day long, as this can harm the shape of the lobe or deform it.

As for earrings, another trendy "trick" single earrings are considered. That is, wear only one large earring on one ear, and decorate the other with a small, almost invisible "stud" earring.  When choosing a simple plain dress decorate it with a brooch. And not just small, but the bigger the better, or even a composition of various brooches.

Many designers have used this idea for their creations, and failed.