Sneakers with what to combine

Still surprised when you see sneakers on fashionistas all over the world dressed under dresses, jackets and elegant coats? Stop it! This is the fashion breakthrough of 2015! Designers around the world could not resist the onslaught of sportswear. Modern fashionistas prefer comfort above all else, and fashion houses had to give in. For lovers of comfort and sporty style, designers have developed an unimaginable number of colors, models and various options for sneakers. Today, these are no longer just sports shoes, but modern, stylish everyday shoes. Even the Chanel fashion house in the person of Karl Lagerfeld could not resist, and massively released models in sneakers on the podium.

Brand Valentino also does not graze the back. They have in their arsenal a collection of unrealistically stylish sneakers with thin soles with lace, spikes, incredibly bright and summery.

Marc by Marc Jacobs showed the world a bright and incredible series of sneakers, in his collection he offered models with thick, springy soles. Wearing sneakers and creating a fashionable everyday look is not so difficult. They go well with tight pants, jeans or leggings.

You won't go wrong if you choose a tight knitted dress or skirt. If you opted for bright, unusual sneakers, then combine them with simple things without excessive pretentiousness and brilliance. If you create a look with a tailored dress and colorful sneakers, you are guaranteed interested looks and comfort for the whole day, as this look combines the maximum level of flirtatiousness and comfort.