Rubber boots: a practical necessity

Summer is an amazing time of the year! Time for rest, relaxation, bright emotions and adventures. Wearing light summer clothes is a pleasure, but there are days when you have to warm up. Rain can pretty spoil your mood, because in such weather you can’t walk in your favorite sandals, or a cold or the last “day of life” shoes guaranteed, or worse, both. To protect yourself from summer coolness, sputum and rain, confidently give preference to rubber boots.

Rubber boots have triumphantly returned to fashion again. Everyone knows that everything new — this is a well-forgotten old one. For a couple of seasons in a row, rubber boots confidently occupy top places in the wardrobes of skilled fashion lovers, and even more so in the off-season. You can often hear that rubber boots are rude, not beautiful and awkward, they make their legs big, and the image is masculine. Blatant lie!

For several generations, designers have been actively working on creating more feminine and stylish models, and we must admit that they succeeded! Indeed, today, every fifth girl has rubber boots. Rubber boots can be found in the collections of almost all fashion houses. The number of styles will easily allow you to make a one hundred percent good choice and choose boots that will look appropriate with any kind of thing, and not the high prices and practicality of these shoes make it simply irreplaceable.

It is very important that the choice is simply huge: the shaft of different widths, lengths and shapes, the sole can be either thin or thin, with or without a heel, a different shape of the toe, as well as many colors and designs. You just have no idea what to wear with rubber shoes? Everything is much simpler, designers recommend choosing tight tights for these boots, dark-colored tights, leggings, or leggings. Boots go great with skinny trousers or jeans. The main task is to choose the bottom as narrowly as possible so that it duplicates the shape of the leg and easily enters the top of the boot.

Don't experiment with wide legs, if you tuck them into your boots, they will crumple like bloomers and look ridiculous. Upstairs, you can safely wear a wide knitted sweater, a bright knitted dress, a tunic made of thick fabric or a cardigan. Give preference to a contrasting combination of colors in your bow: red with black, purple – black, white – yellow, such mixes will add brightness to gray, rainy weather, cheer up not only you, but everyone around.

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