Prom dress - what to choose?

The time has come when textbooks and notebooks can be thrown far on the shelf, where they will be covered with dust, and the annual exams can be forgotten like a bad dream - as if they never happened. And all this, because one of the most important events in the life of every girl is ahead - prom! 

And what do you think all the girls care about before graduation? Of course, about the outfit! What is better to choose - a provocative mini dress or a Greek floor-length dress? Or maybe a costume in general - a smart lace top with a skirt? The choice of graduation image should be treated with particular scrupulousness, because photos from the holiday will remain for life and after ten years, you should not be ashamed to show them to your children or relatives. We invite you to be inspired by the stunning creations of the famous Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad:Zuhair Murad

The first thing you should consider is to forget about corsets and puffy skirts. Graduation is not a wedding, and you should not rush to dress up - you will look just ridiculous. In addition, many girls make a mistake when they are going to sew a dress in an atelier based on a sketch of some notorious celebrity: Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé. There are, of course, exceptions when you have a seamstress "from God" and can even sew a copy of the dress of the latest Dior collection, but this is extremely rare. 

On the street in 2016 and elegant formal dresses in the style of the 2000s-90s have long been out of fashion. The trend is minimalism with stylish elements and beautiful decor. This category of clothing includes mini dresses, which are suitable both for graduation and for any other holiday. Just keep in mind - the mini length is suitable for girls with slender legs. The style can be different: a trapeze dress will hide the flaws of the figure, and a figure-hugging model will emphasize its advantages, if any :)

A midi length dress is perfect for a prom. The stylish and youthful trend that has come to us since the 60s could not help but conquer the current fashionistas. And Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are considered the brightest admirers and style icons of the 60s.

Floor-length dresses are the most common prom dresses, and it's no wonder! After all, when else can you feel like a star from the "red carpet"? But with a maxi dress, you need to be careful - overloading the image with unnecessary accessories will make you look like a gypsy who escaped from her camp, and not like Angelina Jolie at the Oscars. So we wish you good luck with choosing a festive outfit!