Pandora bracelets – it's more than just decoration. This brand appeared in 1982 because of a small Danish company. They made jewelry that fashionistas really liked. Since that time, Pandora has gone from a small shop in Copenhagen to a world-famous jewelry boutique with offices around the world. Pandora – one of the largest jewelry brands in Europe, and his name is known all over the world. What is so special about this bracelet?

And it is unique in that every girl can feel like a designer, it is enough to rearrange the beads and combine them so as to reflect her mood, style and image. It is enough to have one unique Pandora bracelet and your own collection of handmade beads, selected by you depending on your preferences, and go! Experiment!

It doesn't matter what the weather is like outside, winter or summer, what you are wearing, going to work or to the theater, just collect the beads, put them on the bracelet the way you like, creating a unique accessory. Each bead is unique, you can pair it with some important event in your life, or a memorable moment. The variety is simply amazing!

Silver pendants - charms in the form of cameras, hearts, sponges, gifts, bicycles, flowers, and even strollers, cubs, as well as crowns, guitars and much more. As well as beads-crystals of various colors, glass beads with painting. No wonder such a unique brand chose such a sad name.

According to Greek mythology, it was the god Hephaestus who created Pandora, who was sent to earth with a box in which, by giving, all the troubles of the earth were preserved, and upon opening they broke free. And only hope and opportunity remained in the box. This is exactly what the style and inspiration of the masters inventing unique charms are filled with.