Must have gladiator sandals this season

Coco Chanel confidently stated that luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. Finally, the designers listened to her. This year, sneakers and sneakers have gained unreal popularity, in short, everything for comfort and convenience. But the creators of fashion did not stop there, this season sandals are at the peak of popularity - gladiators.

Roman or gladiator sandals in the summer season have so many variations and combinations that it seems that even the most picky girl can easily choose the right pair for herself. Laconic, not very high, fringed, decorated with beads or stones, golden or silver, the main thing is that the overall style is sustained! Designers most often use soft leather or leather substitute, suede and other soft fabrics to make gladiators.

Particularly popular are laconic sandals with thin, long laces that wrap around the ankle and reach almost to the knee. This model is an absolute must have this season! It goes without saying that wearing such shoes is best with skirts and dresses of different lengths. Choose classic short skirts, shorts or short jumpsuits. A long dress to the floor will add a special chic to the image, do not worry that all the beauty of the shoes will not be immediately visible!

When walking, they will be mysteriously visible from under the dress. A good option would be a dress that is cropped at the front, this will draw extra attention to your gladiators. Never, under any circumstances, wear socks under gladiator sandals, this is not only ridiculous and impractical, but also uncomfortable, because due to the many straps, they will begin to roll and rub. Don't torment your legs with closed ballet flats that soar and rub, choose fashionable gladiators!