Learning to choose beautiful dresses

Dress – It is an essential part of every girl's wardrobe. Dresses give femininity and look natural and harmonious. A little black dress or a chic evening cocktail dress, they all look amazing if you know how to choose the right outfit for a truly feminine outfit, according to your body type. Having carefully examined your silhouette in the mirror, it is not difficult to determine its type and, armed with such knowledge, feel free to choose an outfit.

We select a dress for a pear-shaped figure

This type is expressed in the ratio of small shoulders and rounded, well-developed hips. Of course, in such a dress, the girl should feel comfortable. Cut sleeves in the form of small lanterns with folds along the roundness of the shoulder will help balance the figure. The deep V-shaped neckline beautifully emphasizes the bust and opens the neck more. Girls with this type of figure are best suited for dresses with a high waist, which unobtrusively emphasize the bust line, gently smoothing the roundness of the hips. The bodice of the dress should not tightly fit the figure, as well as the very wide hem of the dress, on the contrary, will draw more attention to the hips, which we are trying to cover.

Dress for "inverted triangle" figure

Broad shoulders and narrow hips with an indistinct waist define this type of female figure. The sleeve of the dress should be without the slightest hint of flashlights, strictly outlining the line of the shoulder. If the dress is sleeveless, it should not have a plunging neckline. It would be nice if it coincided with the roundness itself, smoothly repeating the line of the shoulder. An interesting one-shoulder neckline works well too. Wide turn-down collars should be avoided, as they emphasize the shoulders even more. It is best to shift attention to the lower part of the figure. Dresses with a mid-thigh waistline will help with this.

We select dresses for the "apple" figure

If your hips are equally developed with your shoulders, and your waist is not pronounced, then this is exactly this type of figure. It is quite widespread. The silhouette of a straight-cut dress with a slightly accentuated waist is emphasized harmoniously and favorably. But in no case should the waist area be tightly fitted, the dress should emphasize, but not highlight what we are trying to smooth out. Dresses with a belt look spectacular on such a figure. The drawing is also very important. You should not buy a dress with a large pattern, it is better to pay attention to a fabric with a stripe or a small ornament.

Dresses for girls with an hourglass figure

A distinctive feature of such a figure is the presence of a thin waist and rounded hips with well-developed shoulders. In this case, all the advantages of a dress with a clear hip line and a belt at the waist will be beautifully emphasized. The bottom of the dress is allowed both straight cut and slightly flared. With such a figure, there are practically no restrictions in cut.

Now that we figured out how to choose the right dress according to your figure, it will become much easier to decide on the choice. After all, now there is a huge selection of beautiful dresses for every taste, from the most diverse and fashionable material. In our online store Garne a huge range of women's dresses - https://garne.com.ua/list/woman/clothes/sub=41