Japanese subculture Mori girls

The term (mori ga:ru), which in Japanese means "Girl from the forest" appeared somewhere in 2007 in one of the online communities, ­ after it was appreciated by fashion magazines, making it a trend. Mori girl is a street style mix of rustic, lolita, folk, and more. In general, adherents of this style look like girls living in the forest. The standard mori girl was also invented, her & # 39; identifying features & # 39;: appearance, interests, predilections in clothes and hobbies. The Mori Girls phenomenon quickly became a talking point in the city. Actually, these gentle creatures actually live there.

In 2006, thanks to one random phrase, a subculture was born in Japan, which (unlike punk, gothic, grunge) does not protest against the world, but strives to live in harmony with it.

For example, Mori girl:

  • loves lace;
  • slender and fragile;
  • wears ethnic clothes;
  • reading fairy tales;
  • takes a camera for walks;
  • love retro flower prints;
  • wears bangs and slightly curly hair;
  • prefers short nails;
  • loves pocket watches;
  • applies make-up on the cheeks in circles;
  • happy when she finds cute books in stores;
  • prefers fabric buttons to normal ones;
  • wears things in a cage and polka dots;
  • prefers gold accessories to silver ones;
  • loves the theme of flowers\animals\sweets­
  • has a leather bag;
  • collector; collects items of interest to her;
  • dreams one day to travel across Northern Europe;
  • likes to wear fur earmuffs;
  • she likes deep earthy colors: burgundy, navy blue, brown, dark green;
  • dresses in layers.


These girls dress in natural fabrics, wear cotton blouses and unpretentious dresses, thick stockings, coarse knit sweaters, coarse shoes and rag bags, sometimes clothes are decorated with fur. The main places where "forest girls" find their outfits - shops selling vintage, second-hand clothing and several firms specializing in "natural" style. And, of course, they have their own code of conduct and manners. On the Internet you can find "60 rules of real Mori girls". They use almost no makeup or use it very sparingly.

Mori girls are also distinguished by their special outlook on life. And although most of them live in cities, they maintain a leisurely lifestyle, noticing things that others may seem insignificant. Mori girls explore the ancient neighborhood and read while sitting in a cafe. Many of them enjoy various forms of self-expression, such as photography or journaling, without expecting applause or recognition from others. Scandinavia is a dream for forest girls, they are also inspired by its culture in their style. They are cute and shy girls with good manners and good looks.

Deep down, each of them is an individualist, and it does not matter at all if the world lives very differently from her. Mori girl lives consciously and chooses her own path. Often these girls look bizarre and eccentric. When purchasing a thing, "forest girl" thinks about his feelings towards her, and not at all about how fashionable or expensive she will look. "Girls-from-the-forest" like to travel by plane, bicycle or on foot. While enjoying the company of her friends, the mori girl also loves to spend time alone, and in fact, she goes on many of her travels alone. 

"You look like a girl from the forest," – abandoned Japanese teenager after his girlfriend, whose style was reminiscent of Marie Antoinette's pastoral fantasies, a touch of Alice in Wonderland madness, crossed with "rustic"; the charm of Little Red Riding Hood. Today, the Mori Girls community on the Internet has a hundred thousand people, and the "forest" girls flicker on the pages of magazines, in movies and on the catwalks.

Mori girls clothes:

If you are lucky enough to be born a fair-skinned, red-haired and ruddy nymph who does not recognize cosmetics – the road to mori is trodden for you by nature itself. If there is no – hair dye shade «Chocolate with caramel» and pink powder to help you! The words of the leader of the Kino group: “You look so out of date next to me,” – would be the greatest compliment for every Mori. There are more than fifty "varieties" Mori Girls: Some opt for leather and bracelets, while others copy Nabokov's Lolita style, making it more "environmentally friendly". In any case, their image – it's a mix of patches-epochs, scraps-trends and fragments-thoughts of naturalness.

All, without exception, "mori" combines love for natural fabrics, fur, large-knit vests, worn out by "grandmother's" flat boots – and, in particular, to any "junk". What others with a light heart give to the commission and second-hand, clever mori sweep off the shelves and make it part of their image – certainly multi-layered: vintage cotton blouses, dresses with minimal decor, skirts with frills, lace sundresses, jackets with fur trim. All this is complemented by mittens or knitted scarves, fur headphones, as well as thick woolen stockings, leggings. Something "forest" the needlewoman makes herself.

Mori girls accessories:

Feather ornaments, animal and plant motifs, leather, flowers in hair, borrowed from fellow hippies, – all this is stored in the cherished stash box Mori Girl, buried in the depths of the forest. They prefer silver to gold – avoid vulgarity. Each «mori» there should be a bag made of genuine leather with a long strap, a film camera, as well as a bicycle of the oldest model.

Such a girl would sell her soul to a devil for a medallion with history or an ancient watch on a chain.

Source: elchen.beon.ru