Holiday of love: the world celebrates Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year - St. Valentine's Day - is fast approaching. The aroma of love, tender confessions and surprises is already felt in the air. The world is in a holiday fever, people are fussing in search of the perfect gifts for the second half.

The history of this holiday goes deep into the roots of our existence on Earth. As is known from ancient stories, the priest Valentine the Roman lived in the Roman Empire, the years of his life fell on the reign of the tyrant Claudius II. During this period, it was widely believed that unmarried warriors were more loyal and tougher on the battlefield. Therefore, the ruler issued a series of laws forbidding the military to enlist with loved ones. Valentine, contrary to the rules, secretly married young people. For such disobedience, the priest was imprisoned and sentenced to death. While in prison, Valentine fell in love with the warden's daughter and even sent her a small confession in the shape of a heart. However, the girl found out the truth too late, after the death of the prisoner. From here came the tradition of sending miniature hearts - valentines.

According to another version, Bishop Valentin Interamnsky lived in the Italian town of Terni. He had the gift of healing and saved seriously ill people. Once the saint cured the son of the Roman aristocrat Craton, and later - the son of the local mayor. At the same time, the healer promoted Christianity among the townspeople, for such an activity Valentine paid with his life.

In Europe, the celebration of Valentine's Day began in the 12th century, and then spread to other continents. Each country has developed original traditions for celebrating this holiday. For example, in Denmark, lovers exchange dried, white flowers. And in Poland, couples attend church masses in the Poznań Metropolis, because, according to legend, the relics of the patron saint Valentine are located there.

In Italy, February 14 is considered "sweet" during the day, because lovers give sweets, chocolates and sweet gingerbread. Germany, on the other hand, stands out for its unusual approach to the holiday, the Germans consider Valentine to be the patron saint of mentally ill people. Therefore, during the celebration, people decorate specialized clinics with scarlet ribbons, and services are held in churches.

In England and America, it is customary to congratulate not only loved ones, but also colleagues, friends, relatives and even pets. The most common gifts are soft teddy bears, sweets, postcards and valentines.

Although France is called the country of love, Valentine's Day is celebrated here in a rather banal way. It is customary for women to give jewelry, artificial flowers and romantic trips. Unlike the French, the Japanese express their feelings loudly and vividly. Celebrations take place in local parks where a platform is being built. In this place, young girls scream confessions to their soulmates with all their might, while competing for loudness. In addition, in Japan, gifts are given to men, while women get sweet items.

The symbols of Valentine's Day are roses, little Cupids, valentines and wedding rings, because on this holiday men decide to propose a hand and heart to their loved ones. It is said that a couple engaged at this time will have a long and lasting marriage.

The traditions of celebrating February 14 are diverse and original, but they all express only one feeling - love. If you have not yet decided on a gift for loved ones, be sure to go to our online store:

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