Glasses according to the shape of the face

How to choose the right sunglasses

Since everyone has a different face shape, it is appropriate for her to choose an accessory such as sunglasses. That is why this article will be devoted to such a difficult task.

Circle face

A round face is one whose width is approximately equal to the length. It is characterized by chubby cheeks and minimally pronounced facial contours. Thanks to some naivety, the face attracts attention. It is worth noting that glasses for a round face should not be too contrasting: that is, it is worth giving preference to glasses that are relaxed, small (to avoid unnecessary heaviness). So elongated glasses are ideal, and you can choose a brownish or metallic shade. There should be no extra decorations on such glasses.

Triangle face

Many mistakenly believe that a triangular face is quite problematic in relation to the choice of sunglasses. Perhaps this is due to the wide forehead and narrow lower part of the face, and vice versa. But do not despair for girls who have such a face shape, because for them there are "their" glasses. Not many people know how to choose the right glasses for a triangular face. And they should be: either with rounded corners, or a rectangular shape, or with an expressive upper part (this will help to emphasize the eyes). You can also choose the classic – rectangular glasses with rounded corners.

Oval face

Those whom nature endowed with such a face shape can rejoice, because it is easier for such people in many ways: in choosing hairstyles, jewelry and accessories. Glasses are no exception. Under the oval face, you can pick up many types of glasses: rectangular, round, pointed. However, it is noted that the most successful choice will be a geometric shape with rounded corners. In general, you can experiment for a very long time. It is only important to choose your form.

Face-square (rectangle)

The square face has a strong jaw, and the head itself has an oblong shape. That is why the owners of such a face should choose glasses, the upper part of which is higher than on the bridge of the nose. You can also experiment and choose square glasses that have rounded corners. Aviators are also a great choice. Do not give preference to those glasses that have a pointed shape, as they will distort the face.