Fashionable pumps with a pointed toe

Fashion is a fickle thing. Not so long ago, Louboutin-type shoes were mega popular, with a large hidden sole in the toe and high heels, on which it is only comfortable to sit, but today it is no longer comme il faut. It is often said that everything new is well-forgotten old. Might be worth agreeing. Remember how ten years ago shoes with a long pointed toe were unrealistically popular. Not the most practical thing, because due to its length, when worn, it was bent, leaving not beautiful marks. And accordingly, the sock was constantly wiped, such self-propelled shoes. For some reason, one of the designers decided that enough time had already passed and you can remember the forgotten shoes with a long toe.

So, in 2015, pumps with a long nose are a must-have, in other words, a thing that stylists recommend one of the first to buy this season. Of course, the shoes have changed a bit. The main innovation was – simplicity. Yes – Yes! No rhinestones, chains and decor.

Simple solid color lacquer pumps with medium heels. The toe is of course sharp, but not as long as it once was, which greatly simplifies operation. Well, the height of the heel cannot but rejoice, since it is much easier to walk on such a stiletto heel.

The best part is that pumps can be combined with almost everything. It doesn't matter what you choose, either boyfriend jeans, or a light chiffon dress, the impeccability of the image is guaranteed.