Everything you need to know about the women's trench coat

Can you name things right now that have not lost their relevance for several decades? If quickly and offhand, then the first thing that comes to our mind – these are Hermès scarves, the famous 2.55 bag by Chanel and, of course, the Burberry trench coat. It is about trench coats, and not only from Burberry, that we will talk.

Where did the trench coat come from?

Trench, or trench coat, – this is a classic and stylish model of a raincoat, "Kindred" macs 19th century. Initially, the trench coat was created specifically for the military, infantrymen of the British Army during the First World War. Even the name "trench coat" literally translates from English as "trench coat".

Unlike mackintos, rubberized raincoats, trench coats were sewn by Thomas Burberry from gabardine – dense natural material, which reliably protected from frost and rain. Ask why the macs did not please the soldiers? Anyone who has lived in London for at least a little while and was able to fully enjoy the weather of England will be able to understand what inspired Mr. Burberry to create windproof and waterproof cloak-coat, which is not as cold like the rubberized fabric of macs.

The first raincoat was made in 1901 from beige fabric. Later, the trench coat was worn not only by soldiers and was sewn from other fabrics: leather, suede, wool, cotton with water-repellent impregnation, but still the trench coat remained purely masculine. Until the time when the unsurpassed Greta Garbo and the inimitable Marlene Dietrich, who, as you know, had a weakness for everything masculine, turned their attention to him. And the great Coco Chanel adopted the idea of Burberry and created a trench coat for ladies, which has been leading its long and successful history ever since. Since the & nbsp; 50s, he began to appear everywhere in Hollywood films, which in itself made him even more fashionable and relevant.

Agree, there are few things that have such a history as a trench coat. Even jeans, seemingly such legendary clothing, do not have such a pedigree! Women's trench coat has been steadfastly undergoing changes in fashion for many decades in a row, and from the category of everyday items has finally become an eternal and utilitarian item of a basic wardrobe, both chic and comfortable .

What – classic trench coat is he?

There are a lot of variations on the theme of the trench coat, but a classic is a classic. The style of this raincoat was developed by Thomas Burberry himself. Initially, it was exclusively with a warm lining and with many additional details that have come down to our time, although they no longer carry any functional value. These include:

  • high collar. Previously, it was designed to protect from the wind, but today it is customary to lift it up to give the image more chic;
  • epaulettes, which were intended for stripes and shoulder straps, a gun valve and a D-buckle for hanging grenades, gloves and other army prichindala. Today, if they are present in the style, they act only as decorative and most recognizable details of the trench coat;
  • double row of buttons and belt. These details as before make the raincoat more durable and reliable;
  • long cuffs on the sleeves. During the war, they allowed soldiers to tighten the cuffs on the sleeves in a matter of seconds and thereby keep the heat inside;
  • large and deep pockets. Initially, they were intended to store binoculars, maps in them, today their function has completely outlived itself, but the tradition has remained;
  • double-breasted yoke on the back. In military cloaks, she protected from the harsh wind. In modern models, it may not be;
  • The vent on the back, as before, allows you to safely put on even the longest trench coats and perform various manipulations in them without harming their appearance.

Today, instead of buttons, zippers are used, some details, if present, are in a reduced form, models of summer trench coats are even sleeveless, and their colors are very different: pink, turquoise, red, black, blue, etc. Therefore, fashionable women's trench coats today look so casual that they can no longer be recognized as coarse military raincoats.

Which trench coat to choose?

In order to understand what kind of trench coat you need and which one is suitable, you need to understand its types. So, trench coats are traditionally straight, double-breasted, but there are both fitted and single-breasted ones. As for the length, in the classic version, such raincoats are knee-length, although there are also exceptions. For example, Meryl Streep in the movie "Kramer vs. Kramer" wears a trench coat to the middle of the ankle, and modern fashionistas often appear in public in trench coats that barely reach the middle of the thigh. But:

  • A short trench coat is more suitable for short ladies. Under it it is better to wear a straight dress, plain or straight, trousers or jeans;
  • flared trench coat. This model is more suitable for a formal outing with a dress and high heeled shoes;
  • ankle-length trench coat The most luxurious variation for tall and slender women. But it is not customary to fasten such a raincoat, so it often plays a decorative role.

And each of these variations deserves to be in your wardrobe. At the very least, a classic straight model to the middle of the thigh or to the knee should be a must. It will be appropriate in all cases, and it will be possible to wear it buttoned up, tied at a belt, carelessly thrown over shoulders or open, with a belt tied at the back. Such a trench coat will suit almost everyone, and it will be possible to wear it with both classic and casual bows.

For the winter season, of course, it is worth choosing a warm raincoat. But even the best and warmest lining will not warm in severe frosts, because the outer material is simply not designed for such a cold. Therefore, most often trench coats are worn in the off-season and even in cool summers.

How to wear a women's trench coat?

It makes no sense to describe in detail each combination of things, every fashionista who follows fashion trends knows how and with what it is best to combine a trench coat to look perfect. In addition, trench coats – the most versatile items that go well with any wardrobe item: dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans combined with men's style shirts, blouses, pullovers, turtlenecks, etc. As for shoes, high heels look the most harmonious in combination with a trench coat. In this image, femininity and elegance will become your companions. And if you also turn up the collar, raise the sleeves with an accordion and tint your lips with red lipstick, then in this outfit you can safely go to fight everyone on the spot with your charm.