Cuffs - elegant and modern decoration

Remember when we used to find clips in my mother's jewelry boxes when we were kids? That was good! You could easily measure them, walk around the house in them and not noticeably put them in place. Years have passed and almost no one wears clip-on earrings. But as is well known, everything new is well forgotten old, as a result, after a couple of decades, a novelty appeared on the fashion horizon. This is a cuff.

Cuff – This is an accessory that is attached to the auricle and performs the function of decor. But unlike the clip-on, the cuff is worn only on one ear, and a simple earring is put on the second, which would not attract too much attention. And the cuffs are attached not just to the earlobe, but also to the auricle directly. They are almost imperceptible during operation, and do not create pressure on the ears.

A special fastening allows the use of sufficiently large pendants that do not pull the earlobe. Unlike earrings, ear cuffs do not require the ears to be pierced. Cuffs have become very popular not quite recently, but this is far from a novelty.

Archaeologists found such decorations in excavations, and thanks to this, we can say that the history of the kaffa goes back centuries. Today, ear cuffs can be purchased without any problems, they are mass-produced by brands such as Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Alexander Wang, Karl Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Lanvin, Kimberly Chandler, Dries van Noten, ASOS, TopShop, etc.

So if you want to decorate your look with something unusual, try ear cuffs. You can safely use them both for collected hair and combine with a hairstyle. They perfectly complement both everyday outfit (simple cuffs in the form of chains) and chic evening attire (voluminous cuffs with stones and decor).