Crop top - stylish combinations

Summer is a great occasion to bare your body. Within the bounds of decency, of course ... Short shorts, skirts, dresses and tops - these are the favorites of your summer wardrobe! But to wear such open clothes, you need to have a good figure. However, if you know how to combine things correctly, then all the shortcomings can be turned into advantages - this is a fact. And we want to tell you what to wear with a cropped top this summer.

A crop top is also called a crop top, which is translated from English as a crop top. From the very beginning, this piece of clothing was worn by the indigenous women of India - a top resembling a bra was considered an element of a folk costume. In addition, such a top is an important element of the clothes of oriental belly dancers.

The fashion for crop tops came to Europe and America in the 50s of the twentieth century. Girls wore them complete with high-waisted trousers and skirts. The second wave of fashion for a cropped top came in the 80s. And Madonna was to blame for everything, who at one of her concerts showed a flat stomach with a cropped T-shirt. Later, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera succumbed to the example. In a word - the fashion for crop tops has gained great popularity. Today, the cropped top is back in fashion. However, like many other trends of the 90s...

What should I wear with a crop top? First of all - with things with a high fit. Jeans or short shorts will look great with a cropped T-shirt or bra. This outfit is suitable for everyday outings or walks along the beach.

If you want a more businesslike look, then take a top blouse and combine it with dress pants or a fluffy skirt . The main thing to remember is that style always depends on accessories.

Crop top looks good with things in the style of the same 90s - tracksuits, striped trousers, bombers, leggings. Look at the stars for examples of images! Models in the boho style are also relevant - these are crocheted, with fringe and frills - ideal for romantic natures.