Color palette of tights and stockings

Every woman is obliged to understand fashion, in the selection of accessories and details of the image and in their correct combination. This will allow her to always and everywhere, whether at work or at a holiday, look elegant, emphatically feminine and evoke admiring glances from men. And it doesn’t matter if she wears clothes from famous brands or from the mass market. The main thing is that the style should be present in the image and the ability to use accessories should be visible. And it is also important that the tights are chosen well.

But many young ladies live and do not know that tights are not only black and flesh-colored. Almost all manufacturers offer a huge selection of tights of all colors, all kinds tones, halftones, shades that will allow you to give the image a complete look. They are more dense and very thin, and can also have a rich color or vice versa give the legs a light shade. In any case, tights can make your bow even more stylish and attractive to the eyes of others.

But when you come to the store or choose tights on the site, the variety of shades and their names confuse words and thoughts. Therefore, Garne has collected all the existing color palettes of different tights manufacturers in one place to make it easier for you to navigate. Here you have brown, and black, and flesh, and gray, and white shades, and the most colorful options:

Please note that this chart can only give you an approximation of the actual color of the product. But the names of the colors and shades themselves, indicated in the table, are most often used in marking the colors of tights and stockings and are repeated by different manufacturers.

Now you know what colors of tights exist and their names, so you can easily realize your wildest creative impulses and even experiment with color without sacrificing style. And Garne will help you with this!

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