Classification of men's shoes

Men love and know how to "be fashionable" no less than us women. Someone has an innate sense of style, and dressing well turns out by itself, and does not cause any difficulties, but someone has to learn and try to look appropriate. For men as well as women who want to instill a sense of style in their partner, this material can be helpful.
Today, let's talk about men's shoes. They say that when a woman first meets a man, the first thing a woman pays attention to is her eyes, smile and shoes. Yes Yes! It is men's shoes that can both attract the attention of a girl, and show that there is a stylish and neat man in front of her, and repel. There are several types of classic men's shoes. Which is which, we will analyze today.
Oxfords are shoes with thin laces, they are an indicator of business, classic taste. They are perfect for a formal suit.

In the 20th century, a variety of Oxfords became fashionable – brogues. Brogues – these are shoes or boots that have at least minimal perforation. They are distinguished by perforation and sometimes a beautiful toe in the form of the letter W.

Brogues gained their popularity thanks to Edward the Prince of Wales, it was he who was considered the most fashionable man in the Old World. He often liked to wear brogues, even played golf in them, in fact, because of him, they became a favorite part of the wardrobe of the entire British high society.
If you don't like laces, opt for monks.

These are boots with one or two buckle straps. They are called so, from the word monk. Monks were their favorite footwear. They were simply too lazy to tie their shoelaces, so there was a model that could be quickly put on and taken off.
If we talk about the convenience and speed of putting on shoes, then loafers are a great option.

You can easily distinguish loafers from other shoes by a small heel and the absence of laces.