Casual bows of the most famous models

We are used to the fact that the – these are high-profile shows, designer clothes, camera flashes, red carpets. However, what are celebrities really like in real life? Do they always wear heels and wear bright makeup? What style of clothing do they prefer? In this article Garne will lift the veil of popularity and talk about the everyday wardrobe of celebrities.

Sporty style by Gigi Hadid

Gigi is one of the most famous and richest models in the world, but the girl does not hesitate to appear in public without makeup or glamorous dresses. A celebrity can often be found in sweatpants, sweatshirts, wide T-shirts and sneakers. It is worth saying that in such images the model looks much younger than her age, so the foreign press compares her with schoolgirls.

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Rebel Cara Delevingne

It's no secret that behind Kara's gentle stage images lies a rather temperamental girl. Delevingne always knew how to surprise, for example, most recently she cut her luxurious hair almost bald, and what can we say about style. The British model wears wide t-shirts, tight jeans, rough boots, oversized sweaters and generally clothes that are very reminiscent of teenage.

Natural by Adriana Lima

In the Instagram of this model you will find not only professional pictures from shows, but also quite real photos from Adriana's training. The girl, without fear, exposes herself in the gym, red, emaciated and not made up. The model is sure that only thanks to a healthy lifestyle, you can stay in good shape. On the city streets, the paparazzi often catch Lima in rather inconspicuous clothes, without heels and a special hairstyle.

Simplicity by Kendall Jenner

The casual style of this model is quite light and casual: Kendall loves to combine tops and jeans with a high waist. The girl often wears heels, but the images themselves are not too bright and defiant.

In everyday life, celebrities prefer comfort and practicality, because beauty is a little more than clothes or makeup, beauty – it is something inside a person.

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