Bridal Legend - Vera Wang

Every girl, in the process of preparing for the most important day in her life, encounters many difficulties. The most difficult thing, as it seems to us, is the choice of dress. Of course, a wedding dress is what every little girl dreams of since childhood, fantasizes about it, and imagines herself to be the most beautiful on this day. Choose a wedding dress – a matter of taste, and as you know, there is no dispute about tastes. The name of the bridal fashion icon is no less well known. Every girl probably knows the name of Vara Wong.

It is Vera who dresses celebrities on the red carpet, and for all kinds of celebrations, and of course, for a wedding. The main character of the film «Bride Wars»  said that you need to change yourself to fit Vera Wang's dress, not a dress. And a lot of people really do! This designer's wedding dress costs over $3,000, and many fashionistas are willing to give that money for a dream – get married in a Vera Wang wedding dress.

Design House Vera Wang – this is a large team of professionals led by a world-famous Asian designer - Vera Wang. The brand is extremely popular for its luxurious evening and wedding dresses. The idea to create chic outfits was not in vain. After the designer received a marriage proposal, she chose her outfit for a long time, but did not find anything suitable. Having created her image herself, she sewed dresses from a tailor, and others liked what she saw so much that it inspired her to start working.

The ability to hold out for many years on the fashionable Olympus, critics associate with the designer's ability to successfully combine trendy trends with a classic understanding of a wedding dress. The philosophy of Vera is based on making a woman even more free, emphasizing her individuality, and at the same time showing sensuality and beauty.