Boss dictates his views on fashion

Hugo Boss A. G. -  famous fashion house that produces clothes, accessories and perfumes. Company  founded in 1923 by German tailor Hugo Ferdinand Boss. This family business, which started as a small shop, later grew into a uniform factory. It is worth knowing that the brand is divided into two separate branches: Boss creates more classic products, while Hugo has declared itself as a progressive and dynamic brand. But this is not the end, because Boss has several divisions:

1)Boss Selection is the most expensive clothing line of this brand. English patterns and high-quality fabrics are used for it.

2)Boss Orange - a line with affordable prices. Designers focus on denim, combine two styles - boho and casual.

3)Boss Black is the most popular line of the brand, which is classified as a modern classic style. It presents men's and women's business suits.

4)Boss Green - the sports line of the company, which is known for its versatile polo and sneakers. The pricing policy is loyal to customers, and especially during seasonal discounts.

The Second World War is a new stage in the development of the brand, because since 1933 Hugo Boss has been sewing uniforms for Wehrmacht officers and German soldiers. This left an unpleasant stain on the history of the company, there were rumors that the factories used the labor of prisoners of war from Poland, the Czech Republic and France. In addition, after the end of the war, Boss was accused of collaborating with the Nazis.

The company begins to restore its reputation in the 1950s, during this period it presents the first men's suit (the women's suit appeared only in 1998). The wave of post-war growth in Germany contributed to the rapid development of the company, so Hugo Boss becomes one of the world's largest clothing manufacturers. In 1985, the brand passed into the status of a joint-stock company, whose name still sounds like Hugo Boss A. G.

As for the current fall-winter collection, the brand surprised the public with images of camel color, which brought back memories of the 80s. Boss diluted its traditional style with sportswear, parkas, colorful linings and frayed edges. Models wore wide-shouldered double-breasted coats, women's maxi-length shearling coats and turtlenecks paired with long pants. The clothes looked elegant, but not too conservative, and all thanks to light wrap skirts and sweatshirts with hoods. The company once again proved its professionalism in the fashion industry, as it won the hearts of all the guests of the show.

Hugo Boss is a combination of fine taste and German practicality, which together create beautiful clothes. The brand is deservedly named a leader among others, every day it creates a real story in the fashion world. The Garne online store also keeps up with the trends, so the new autumn collection is already on the pages of our website. Believe me, she will make you fall in love with herself!