Bandage dress

Little black dress – classic of the last decades. But the                      And it, like no outfit in the world, is capable of miracles: it perfectly emphasizes all the curves and lines of the figure, makes it more refined and seductive, and thanks to the strong slimming effect, it can also correct the flaws of the figure, which the world famous Kim likes to use. Kardashian.

In this article, Garne will tell you what a bandage dress is, what are its pros and cons, what types are there and who they suit, what to combine a bandage dress with. But first, a little history...

The bandage dress created in 1985 by French fashion designer Herve Leroux. Then the master did not have enough fabric to sew outfits for the next show, and he went to the nearest sewing workshop and saw there scraps of metallized fabric with lurex. It was leftovers, garbage so to speak. But Hervé did not disdain and took these pieces, connected them to each other on a mannequin, layer by layer, and as a result received a prototype of a bandage dress. It was then that they began to sew it from elastic fabrics. And the very first model was sewn from a durable, non-stretchy material, the ribbons of which had different thicknesses, which created the illusion of shape.

Then the fashion designer decided to transform the resulting style and create a dress without a single seam and fasteners. But the first client, who tried on a tight seamless dress, could not take it off. Mistake came – what can I say...

Although what we today call a bandage dress turned out to be very even nothing ... It combines all the best ideas of the fashion industry, from the time of Ancient Egypt to the present: that is, the Egyptian outfit can also be traced in the style of the bandage dress  ;kalaziris (the prototype of a sheath dress), and women's medieval corsets, and dresses with horizontal drapery by British fashion designer Charles James.

Bandage dresses experienced the peak of their popularity in the first decade of the 2000s. Then in every wardrobe of a celebrity there was a strongly figure-hugging outfit by the Herve Leger brand, the founder of which was actually Herve Leroux – the creator of bandage dresses, truly cult models. So, at social events, shows, award ceremonies, parties, many star fashionistas appeared in a bandage dress: Irina Shayk, Jennifer Lopez, Chloe Kardashian, Doutzen Kroes and others.

Although this style does not look perfect on all ladies. Yes, a bandage dress creates a sculptural silhouette, corrects any figure and brings it closer to ideal forms, namely the hourglass type. In addition, this style:

  • ideally fits the shape and does not sag;
  • helps to slightly tighten the tummy and sides, if any;
  • raises the chest, forming a seductive cleavage;
  • and the butt in such an outfit will be expressive, more rounded and will not go unnoticed by others.

But the bandage dress also has a number of not very pleasant features. It is impossible to fasten it yourself. And if this is not a reason for you to refuse to buy such an outfit, then the following will definitely upset you. Bandage dress significantly squeezes the body, so it can not be worn for more than five hours in a row. At the same time, such an outfit can change your forms in a far from the best way & nbsp; and emphasize all the flaws. And if you have a couple of extra pounds and a tummy, then a bandage dress will definitely not save the situation, but rather the opposite.

But what if you really want to buy a bandage dress? The main thing is to know whether it suits you or not. So... A bandage dress is ideal only for owners of proportional forms without excess weight. If you cannot boast of a toned figure, but you have beautiful forms, high breasts or a big butt, then you have a chance that the outfit will fit well, pulling what you need as much as possible. A bandage dress is definitely not suitable for girls with a flat chest and lush beauties. But if you have a perfect figure, but rather massive and inflated arms, then it better choose slim-fitting outfit with sleeves that will cover your shoulders.

To whom, but for ladies aged 35 years and older, it’s definitely better not to buy a bandage dress and not even look in his direction, because it is youthful and frankly seductive. Although women are different...

Didn't we scare you with the listed disadvantages of a bandage dress? And are you ready to buy this outfit? Then you need to know what types it happens in order to choose an outfit worthy of you among all:

  • Mini dress. This style can be adopted by short ladies with slender legs, but not by girls with wide hips – they better abandon the idea of buying a mini-length bandage dress;
  • midi length dress – the most optimal model that will hide the imperfection of the legs and gently emphasize the silhouette;
  • dress with long sleeves – salvation for owners of full hands;
  • a dress with a flounced bottom or a flared skirt – an option for those girls who are unhappy with their hips.

But remember that a bandage dress is self-sufficient in itself and should not be spoiled by wearing a cardigan or jacket over it, massive jewelry and large bags. It should be the main character in the image, period.