Animal print fashion 2019

Animal print, animal print, coloring under the skin of an animal... No matter what we call it, but the colors imitating leather or fur have already become a classic of women's wardrobe and have been at the top of fashion trends for decades. Since the 50s, every fashion show is complete without leopard, zebra, jaguar, tiger, snake, giraffe, etc. prints. And in the coming season, animal prints still continue to inspire designers, not even going to give up their positions.

Of course, earlier, in the era of our grandmothers, leopard print was considered something out of the ordinary and loose and vulgar. Yes, we agree, there was once such a sin ... But today, the stylization of things in animal print has changed significantly, compared to "those" at times, and with the right selection of clothes and accessories, their animal color will create a really interesting, creative and memorable image.

Animal print fashion: a bit of history

I'm willing to bet that you didn't know – the first one who "brought to the people" clothing in animal print was Christian Dior. And it happened in the post-war period, in 1947. Then the "highlight" The first collection of the now eminent brand was silhouette dresses in leopard print. Bold, bright, self-sufficient and very sexy, they were liked by many theater and film stars, wives of millionaires and influential people. And then Marilyn Monroe in the movie "Men Prefer Blondes" appeared in a leopard cape, Audrey Hepburn in the film "Charade" demonstrated a cap with a leopard color, Debbie Harry, the lead singer of the rock band Blondie, starred on the cover of the new record in a tight outfit under the skin of a cheetah.

Animal prints exploded in popularity in the mid-70s and 80s of the last century. He was supported by Givenchy, Valentino, Versace and of course Roberto Cavalli, who, inheriting Christian Dior, released a collection in leopard print in the 70s and thereby made the sexy catwoman the ideal of beauty , which millions of women of different builds began to look up to, with different stages of sexual hunger and varying degrees of intoxication. He was the first to use on his fabrics the pattern of the skin of a cheetah, zebra, and even the wings of a butterfly, thereby making a splash in 2006.

Among modern designers, the animal color of fabrics is also popular. So, Anna Molinari (Blumarine and Blugirl) combines the aggressive nature of leopard print with feminine lace, romantic flowers and pastel colors in her collections. Victoria Beckham added a stylish leopard coat to her basic collection. And under the Michael Kors brand, original bags, clutches, wallets, belts and other accessories in animal print are produced. But the iconic leopard dresses from Dolce & Gabbana.

But if in Europe and America, from its very appearance in the wardrobes of fashionistas, the animal print, and in particular the leopard pattern, was considered a symbol of luxury and used to emphasize the sexual forms of the female body, then in our country such colors of clothes are compromised  "creators" cheap clothes, lush ladies-lovers of leopard leggings and young ladies who went "hunting" for men. We dare to assure you – The animal print is actually very elegant, trendy and stylish. Maybe with its own character, features, "highlights". But if you can "tame" him, you will not be equal!

Trendy colors 2019

To help you understand what to wear in 2019 and what print to choose for your stylish look, remember that in the coming fashion season, the following will be relevant:

- drawing under the skin of a leopard – the most predatory and sexiest print. With a light feed from Christian Dior, he captured the catwalks and fashion houses and "donkey" on a variety of items: on clothes, shoes, accessories, underwear and even overalls. The leopard is bold, original, but it’s worth going a little too far with it, and the image will become flashy, ridiculous or even vulgar;

So when choosing a leopard print item, make it the main thing in the image or use it as a bright accent. Even if it is just a waist strap or a handkerchief in a breast pocket. But in no case do not dress in all leopard – this is the main taboo of animal prints.

- the brindle pattern is less popular, but no less relevant than the leopard color. He is just as original, but still more restrained and even a little modest;

- imitations under the skin of reptiles: snakes and crocodile. This print is more calm, feminine and elegant, even more than tiger. But he is also able to overload and even spoil the image;

- zebra stripes or giraffe spots. Of course, they do not look as sexy as the previous ones, but they still bring freshness to the image and make it a little funny. Therefore, the animal print of clothing, imitating the skin of a zebra or giraffe, suitable more for creating a youth look.

As for the colors, along with the classic natural tones, animal prints in the brightest and most unexpected colors will be relevant: blue, orange, pink, red, purple and others. But the most interesting and unexpected was black- a white combination in leopard and tiger print, which allows you to create very beautiful combinations in casual and business looks. Yes, you didn’t imagine! Just a black and white animal print in 2019 will be the pinnacle of style and luxury.

Interesting options, isn't it? But each of them, like the classic leopard or brindle one, needs to be able to wear and combine correctly with other wardrobe items so that later you don’t look like a girl of easy virtue. We'll talk about this in the next article! And now go to our catalog and choose clothes or accessories for yourself in the now fashionable animal colors: