All about women's tie

The tie has long ceased to be a purely male accessory. After all, once women tied them to their men, and now they wear them themselves. 

The first thing to know about ties is that men's ties are different from women's. The latter are slightly shorter than their counterparts. And, of course, decor is allowed for women's ties - embroidery, beads, stones, etc. Women's tie can be with an inconspicuous clasp, which allows you to easily fasten the accessory around your neck. But if you prefer classic products, then learning how to tie them is not difficult. There are many ways and almost all resemble a sea knot. On the Internet, you can learn a lot of video lessons related to this craft. 

When choosing a tie, pay attention to the quality of the product, because this accessory attracts a lot of attention. Cheap synthetics will look tasteless. Opt for cotton, silk or viscose fabrics. Choose a color that will match your wardrobe (mentally think about what you will wear a tie with). Now there is a very large selection of ties: it can be plain or with a pattern, pattern. If you are the owner of a large chest or a massive upper body, then give up a wide tie - it will visually make you wider. 

Women's tie is considered an element of business style, but in fact, you can go overboard and experiment. For example, wear a cotton tie with jeans, a shirt and a cardigan. This casual look with a tie will add variety to your everyday style. If you want to look sexy, you can wear a tie on your naked body under a jacket or vest, but this option is for brave ladies. There are also many ideas for creating a look in the style of preppy (students of an expensive private school). You can combine a tie with a shirt worn underneath with a V-neck jumper, a plaid skirt and knee-high boots. 

In addition to all sorts of options, it is best to combine a women's tie with a business suit - a trouser or a pencil skirt. This is the most appropriate option. A tie is a very unusual accessory and by wearing it, you will definitely attract attention to yourself, so the main thing is to choose it correctly and be able to combine it with clothes.