5 ways to wear a plaid scarf

Every year, designers release new original accessories with which you can create stylish images for every day. But there are things that once climbed the fashion Olympus and stayed there for a long time. Such is plaid scarf ‒ universal item women's wardrobe, which has been in the leading positions for more than a year and, it seems, does not intend to give up.

The plaid scarf is warm, comfortable and practical to use, it can save from the wind, and warm in bad weather, and even become an adornment of the image. The main thing is  to choose the right way to tie such a large scarf so as not to look as if wrapped in a grandmother's blanket.

How to wear a plaid scarf?

The main problem with using such an accessory in creating a harmonious look is the oversized scarf. Therefore, we offer several ways to properly tie a plaid scarf and what it can be combined with in order to remain stylish and unique, change looks daily, having just one thing at hand.

Method 1: Classic

The simplest and most elegant way to use a plaid scarf is to wrap it around the neck, and its ends fall freely in front along the silhouette. This option will help to make the image more lively, gentle and bring  a touch of novelty to your favorite things.


In addition to this method, you can use a belt or belt, with a large scarf folded along the folds, and its loose ends are tied at the waist. This option will make the figure more slender, and the plaid scarf itself will look like a spacious coat or vest.

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Method 2: wrap inaround the neck

Considering that the size of plaid scarves is non-standard, it is more difficult to tie them around the neck than ordinary models. In addition, a voluminous and massive "plaid"   its owner and will only interfere with the creation of a stylish image. Therefore, stylists recommend not to bother and not to put it on purpose. Before tying a large scarf on a coat, it will be enough to fold it in the form of a triangle so that the main angle is pointing down, and tie the ends and hide them under the base of the accessory. A plaid scarf laid in this way will perfectly harmonize with a coat of a straight or fitted cut.

Method 3: Maximum Infinity

Alternatively, you can tie a voluminous accessory in the form of an endless scarf or snood, wrapping its ends around your neck several times. This method will become especially relevant on cold days and during cold weather.

Method 4: wear like poncho

Due to the fact that the scarf-plaid is multifunctional, it can be used as a poncho or shawl. To do this, the scarf must be folded into a triangle and casually thrown over the shoulders, and the ends tied up with a belt. A plaid scarf tied in this way can be worn both with a jacket and a coat, or over a beautiful dress!

Method 5: as a casual cape onand shouldersand
But perhaps the most elegant and delicate way to wear a plaid scarf is to use it as a simple cape on your shoulders. But be careful! When tying a scarf-plaid in this way, it is better to abandon things oversize and normcore, so as not to look like a wandering pilgrim wrapped in a blanket.