Women's large roll-top backpack in beige SamBag 8045115

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Product characteristics

  • Product code: 8045115
  • Brand: SamBag
  • Gender: female
  • Ingredients: eco leather
  • Manufacturer: Ukraine

Dimensions: 413016 in a folded look (divine smut photo), in the most folded look, the dimensions of the backpack are folded 543016 (divine supplementary photo).

  • Backpack collection Roll of creations for the needs of the place: walks, work, training, gym, urban more expensive, spring and summer vacation. Myst and functional helper helps you to make necessary speeches for your skin day.
  • Characteristics:
  • Upper material: new eco-coat of increased wear resistance (not less than 50,000 cycles according to the Mertindale test). The skin is water-resistant, resistant to wrinkling, elastic (does not crack during operation) and it is easy to open.
  • The back is trimmed in shape: it is reinforced with pіnomaterial and zvnі vykonan from the ventilation material AirMesh 3D.
  • Lining. Oxford material is medium thickness, mitten, water-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, threads do not kink. Zavdyaki z'ednannyu all parts of the lining between themselves, the vanity for the ecoshkira change and rozpodіlyatsya evenly. Tse prodovzhuє service term shkіri and shviv zzovni.
  • Fittings. Bliskavki type YKK with top plastic. Rollers are metal with a latch: the backpack does not open independently from the frontage, but only by hand. Two magnets are installed, so that the backpack to the beast is fixed in the shape of a yak in the photo. Remіnna strіchka z fasteks zі zbіlshenyam vysoti backpack. Mainly based on Bliskavts.
  • Harnesses. Shoulder straps are shkiryan, soft, sewn on the bar along the back. Priednі to the sides of the shkiryanimi tricoutniks. Dovzhina is regulated for the help of trochshchelivka.
  • Functionality. Zovni backpack in front of one gut. Two guts from the sides on the bliskavts. In the middle of the backpack, there is a fit for a laptop up to 14 inches (to lie in the proportions of the screen and the frame as much as possible - when making a reservation, specify the size of your gadget). The vіddіlennya is naіyno protected by pіnоmatіal according to the whole height of the gadget. On the other side of the middle of the intestine on the bliskavtsa, that one is the opening of the intestine.