17 reasons to buy at GARNE

1. We are a Ukrainian manufacturer. By purchasing Ukrainian goods, you not only receive a quality product, but also contribute to the development of the country's economy.

2. We offer a wide selection of products to suit every taste and budget.

3. GARNE  is constantly improving and developing to offer customers the best products and services.

4. We are an open company; dozens of other manufacturers, ordinary citizens and even teenagers and children have visited our production site. We show, tell, share everything we have.  

5. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.

6. We are a service company that puts the customer first. When we have to make a decision, we think about how this decision will affect the client.

7. We are a sustanlible company. We reduce our carbon footprint by producing our products in one city.

8. We are a sustanlible company. We use renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, to reduce our impact on the environment.

9. We easily exchange the goods or return the money within 3 days.

10. We are always transparent and honest with our clients on financial matters.

11. We often have good discounts - because we are manufacturers and work without intermediaries.  

12. You can rest assured that our call center agents are always available to provide you with the information or support you need.

13. All GARNE brand products are in stock and are shipped on the day of the order if it is placed before 16:00.

14. To ensure that our items are of high quality and stylish, we employ qualified designers, technologists and stylists.  

15. Our Google rating is 4.9 and there are 2200 reviews.  

16. Our Facebook rating is 4.9 and there are 883 reviews.

17. We save your time because it’s easy and fast with us.