Women's thermal underwear: how to choose and how to wear

The time has already passed when girls were everywhere on the streets who, in the cold, flaunt in a mini-skirt and with their heads uncovered. Times and values have changed, and being warm is now fashionable! Therefore, the must-have lists for the winter of each of us include knitted hats, scarves, warm skirts or dresses, tight pants and cozy down jackets. Well, where without thermal underwear, especially for those who are fond of winter sports or spend a lot of time outdoors in winter.

The main thing in thermal underwear is the high quality of materials and their ability to "breathe", and its main task – effective removal of moisture from the surface of the skin. When sewing thermal underwear, as a rule, synthetic, natural and combined fabrics are used, the best of which are polypropylene, polyester, elastane and spandex. At the same time, polypropylene is considered to be the most optimal when sewing thermal underwear, because it practically does not absorb moisture: it does not settle and does not lead to hypothermia of the body, but is displayed on the outer layer of clothing and then evaporates. Due to this, synthetics dry out very quickly during active physical exertion.

More pleasant to the body are those materials that contain cotton or wool in their composition, – they are soft, light and warm, do not absorb odors, do not roll down and do not lose their color. But such a fabric has worse moisture absorption properties than synthetics, although even slightly damp it will not cause discomfort. Therefore, most often used are either sets of thermal underwear made of natural fabric, or from a combined – made of synthetics and cotton or wool.

Two-layer models of thermal underwear, the so-called hybrid ones, are gaining popularity, the inner layer of which consists of synthetic fabrics that perfectly remove moisture. The top layer in such thermal underwear is heat-saving and at the same time moisture-absorbing, consisting of synthetic material or elastic knitwear.

How to choose thermal underwear?

First of all, you need to determine the purpose for which this underwear is actually bought: for active sports, especially winter sports, for light morning jogging or for leisurely walks through the winter forest. After all, the more stress you experience and the higher your physical activity, the lighter the model of thermal underwear should be, and vice versa.


  • thermal underwear must "sit" well on the figure and correspond to your usual size, not be oversized and not "burst" at the seams. In addition, the higher the temperature of the external environment, the looser the thermal underwear should sit on the body, and vice versa;
  • The seams should be flat and soft, located on the outer side of the linen. Seamless models are considered the most comfortable to wear 
  • choose underwear in a neutral color, then you can wear it under any trousers and sweaters;
  • it's good if the thermal underwear is made of materials with hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties, so that it doesn't steam, doesn't cause irritation, and at the same time absorbs the smell of sweat well.

How to wear thermal underwear?

The generally accepted rule is to wear thermal underwear as the first layer in a multilayer outfit. Above it – an insulating layer of fleece clothing for thermal insulation, and the next layer– down jacket or thermal jacket for wind protection.