Women's long sleeves: what to wear?

What are women's long sleeves – Probably not every girl will be able to answer this question. This fashionable American term appeared in Russian speech only a few years ago, although analogues of these products have long hung in your wardrobe.

Long sleeves – Long-sleeve t-shirts in lightweight, non-stretch fabric. This thing does not fit the figure of young ladies and never has a deep neckline. Often there is a «calm» print.

What to wear with?

The beauty of long sleeves is that they can be used as a base item for any kind of clothing. You can wear this thing under an office jacket and tuck it into formal trousers, in this case, the longsleeve should be pastel or white with an open neck.

A very gentle image is obtained, where the product is combined with denim. Many fashionistas wear striped long sleeves with plain jeans, but this is fundamentally the wrong approach to creating a stylish look. Stripe and cage – lot of mustard and black tapered trousers. Remember also that the "top" and "bottom" should be in light contrast.

This piece of clothing does not match with skirts – this is a gross mistake. These blouses are worn "on top", so there is a slight dissonance. Longsleeve – this is loose clothing, in addition, a non-office skirt should also be wide cut, and according to the rules it is allowed to wear either a tight "top" or "bottom". If you try to wear a skinny black knee-length skirt with such a piece of clothing, you will fail. This is purely casual.

Long sleeves are demi-season items, so they can be combined with any jackets and jackets. Young ladies in leather and denim jackets will be especially good, which would not be the same tone with the base item. Oddly enough, light colors look best (let's say the gradation option is down). Bright colors combined with black leather will look vulgar, while all-white will look schooly. Therefore, take a friend to the store - let someone look at you from the side.

What are women's long sleeves?

Made of cotton, they take first place in sales due to comfort in the warm season and ease of care. They can be combined with anything, there are no restrictions.

Ladies are a little afraid of translucent fishnets, because they don't know what to wear them with. Everything is extremely simple: they are designed for girls to wear sundresses or jackets of a specific shape on top.

Synthetic models with bright cartoon images are in demand among very young beauties. They are not very relevant, because they are combined exclusively with skinny pants.

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