Why do you need thermal underwear?

Every day, the arrival of autumn is more and more felt. The wind is getting colder, the sky is overcast, and, accordingly, the mood is getting worse. There is an exit! It's time to warm up! For this, thermal underwear has long been invented. If you thought that it is suitable only for athletes involved in winter sports, then you are deeply mistaken. In the modern world, it has gained immense popularity among people who are regularly cold, but do not like to wear six layers of things.

Good thermal underwear not only maintains a comfortable temperature of the human body, but also removes excess moisture, in simple words, sweat. The term thermal underwear means the set as a whole, and means both the top and the bottom, it can be a jacket, T-shirt, T-shirt, and, accordingly, underpants, shorts, or pants.

The thermal underwear must fit the figure tightly, since sweat will accumulate in all the folds formed, which will cool the body and cause discomfort, and as a result, the person will freeze. If you want to choose good thermal underwear, do not pay attention to cotton, it should not be in the composition of the material. Cotton retains moisture, dries for a long time, this is far from the best option for thermal underwear.

The best thermal underwear is made from polyester or with the addition of polyester. It is perfect for sub-zero temperatures, which most often last in winter in our country. This thermal underwear removes moisture well and dries quickly. Another worthy option would be thermal underwear made of wool.

This option helps regulate body temperature. Microscopic holes between the fibers bring heat from the top layer of clothing to the body when it gets cold. Thermal underwear is designed for use at minimal loads and at low temperatures. This is the best option for frosty walks around the city in winter.