Which beads will you choose: collar, matinet or rope?

Beads – the most ancient, simplest and most popular women's jewelry around the neck. At all times, they greatly complemented the various outfits of ladies and continue to do so today, but in a more improved form than before. A string of beads in an evening or even casual outfit makes the image more feminine, adds dynamics to it and allows you to "revive" his. And every girl, woman, and any fashionista can turn her own, even the most ordinary, image into an elegant and more interesting one. Fortunately, there is a whole "string" of types of beads.

One thing that unites them, – is that the beads are various elements strung on a strong inelastic thread in some order: stones, beads, pearls, "seeds" and other details of various shapes and sizes, made of stones, glass, plastic, yarn, wood, etc. That is, there is no weaving in such an ornament, only threading. Moreover, beads and other elements in such an ornament do not have frames, as a rule, are not connected to each other, and if they are connected, then it is made in a slightly different way (for example, with wire loops) on one or more threads in a straight line, with or without a lock.

A string of natural pearls is considered an eternal classic. It suits any wardrobe and style and gives a woman elegance and aristocracy. No less popular are multi-tiered beads made of semiprecious stones   the main attribute of the image of a representative of any creative profession. In a word, all types of beads are fashionable and relevant at all times. The main thing is to apply them correctly in images.

And if each fashionista should choose beads individually for the type of material, color, design and style, then in terms of using beads of different lengths, you need to take into account some nuances. So, six types of beads are distinguished by length:

1. "Collar", "collar" or collar – beads 30-32 cm long, just to fit snugly around the neck and not fall to its base. This decoration somewhat visually shortens the neck, so it is more suitable for owners of a long, slender neck and looks great in combination with a deep neckline decollete or bare shoulders:

2. Beads "under the throat" or a choker (eng. choker) up to 40 cm long. As a rule, such jewelry consists of one thread, a little looser than a collar, although it also fits the neck and gently wraps around its base, passing into the akura over the collarbones. This type of beads is considered the most modest and elegant, which allows you to wear it with any outfit, and suits almost all women:

3. Beads up to 48 cm long or the so    """"""""" This type of neck jewelry is considered the most versatile, and looks equally elegant and strict, suitable for daytime and evening looks, and for solemn and informal events. Taking an oval shape on the figure, they visually lengthen the figure and stretch the silhouette. Therefore, this type of beads can be easily worn by ladies with full necks, and owners short necks:

4. Long beads up to 60 cm or "matine" are most suitable for cocktail dresses, evening dresses and lingerie style looks. Hence the name, which in French means "morning"; (matinée). This type of beads add a touch of solemnity to a business look, a casual outfit can easily be turned into an evening outfit, and in combination with a classic black dress – it's perfect. The main thing is not to wear long matiné beads. with clothes with massive buttons and large decorative elements that will only distract attention from the beauty of such decoration:

5. "Opera" or beads 80-90 cm long, which go down just below the chest line. Applying them in the evening look, long beads are worn in one thread, and in daytime – wrapping the thread around the neck twice. Such embellishments are best combined with clothes in contrasting colors:

6. The longest – beads are «rope» (rope) about 115 cm long, decoration for brave ladies. They are worn in 1-2-3 rows, tied on the neck with a knot or wound on the arm in the form of a bracelet, thus creating a very feminine and bright image. Beads "Lariat" are considered to be their subspecies. or a lasso, the ends of which are not connected, but hang freely over the body. They are the same as beads «rope» tied, wound around the neck like a scarf, used as a belt, hoop or bracelet:

The main thing in using any of the listed types of beads is not to complement them with other bright accessories. A bag, earrings, bracelets in the image then should be much more concise and not defiant. Although... Fashion is good because there are no strict laws in it. Experiment!